Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap..... The one where I ran

It's time for the obligatory 2011 recap posts! If you're new here (and some of you are, thanks for joining!), let's play get to know me, yes?

I started running in October, 2010, that must be said first. Ready? Go.

January - 23 miles
January was a tough month. There was a leukemia diagnosis. There was a 3 week long hospital stay. I ran the Suck It Up, Buttercup Virtual 5K hosted by Baby Weight My Fat Ass. I also ran my first EVER double digit run!

February - 53 miles
I learned a bit about pacing, and learning to run your own race. I registered for my second half marathon, before I even ran my first, and simultaneously raised over $2000 for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. I started loving my ugly runner's feet, thanks to Zoe at Run, Zoe, Run. I had my first bout of Taper Madness. I registered for my THIRD half marathon. Oh, and then I ran my first half marathon, in 3:07, and had... pretty much the BEST time ever.

March - 44 miles
I recapped what worked (and what didn't) for my first half marathon. Kid #1 placed in her first race, and then asked to race again, so we registered her for the Disneyland 5K. I cross trained, and remembered my Elliptical Hatred. I decided that Racing Weight freaked me out. I ran my FIRST Marathon! But spread out over 2 weeks... Oh. And, I registered for my... Forth half marathon.

April - 65 miles
I had a tough long run. I set incredibly lofty goals for my second half marathon. I ran the Jelly Bean Virtual 10K - first 10K = instant PR! And then I decided.... time isn't really my biggest priority.

May - 20 miles
....and 13.1 of that includes my second half marathon (2:32:xx). I ran my second MARATHON... again over 2 weeks, in the I Can't Afford the Actual Race Virtual Race, hosted by Barefoot Neil Z. I had fun with electrodes to cure my peroneal tendinitis.

June - 37 miles
For the second year, I ran the Corona del Mar Scenic 5K, this time with kid #1 and my BFF's husband. She beat us both. I beat him, and PR'ed by 4 minutes from last year (33:05), and #1 took 2nd in her age group. Again. That chick, man... I started a new training cycle for my third half marathon, and was attacked by geese on day 1. I ran The Boring Runner's Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K. I kind of followed Run Less, Run Faster, and ran 400's for the first time.

July - 41 miles
I met new friends. I traveled to Florida, and didn't run an inch while I was there. I fit into The Skinny Jeans for the first time in 6 years. I destroyed a 4 mile tempo run. I ran 800's for the first time, and they suck. And then I killed a 10K for my birthday (1:06:05).

August - 57 miles
I briefly lost my running mojo. But then it found me again, in the form of 400's. I still hated 800's. I made up ridiculous speed work routines to keep myself amused. I ran the Wet n' Wild 5K, and met Rose, and she was RAD! And, I finally moved down a few notches on my favorite (only) belt...

September - 50 miles
Kid #1 ran her 2nd 5K, and I ran my 3rd half marathon! Team Jam was born, and my collection of Disney medals grew. I got jealous of the Hood to Coast teams, and decided to run a Ragnar in 2012. I ran a $15 10K with The H... and I beat him!

October - 67 miles
I met a bunch of my Ragnar teammates (Team So Much Cooler Online), thank you, internet. I got Taper CRAZY, and set CRAZY goals for my FORTH half Marathon, Long Beach. I didn't hit my A goal, or my B, but I PR'ed, and I didn't die, so there's that. I dreamed of race redemption. I ran the Chapman 5K with all three kids, as part of Team Sparkle! Kid #1, again, placed in her age group, AND set a 22:08 PR! I finally tried trail running, and fell a little bit in love. I ran the Operation Jack Richard Leary 6-Hour Challenge, hit my highest mileage to date, 14.15 miles, and, at the same time, demonstrated my love for birds.

November - 21 miles
I ran the fastest I've ever run. And a few days later I set a new 5K PR (30:53). I did something crazy, and challenged Becka to 20x400. And then I did it, and it was exhilarating. I found out Jerk Shin was a probable stress fracture, AND registered for my first FULL MARATHON on the same day. I noted ways you can be smarter than me by listening to your body. I became a FitFluential Ambassador!

December - 47 miles
I got the green light to run!!!!! Then Gabby kicked Jerk Shin, and I took a precautionary week off, because PHAWK that hurt. I played spectator and baby-sitter extraordinaire at the Holiday Half 5K. And, surprise, #1 landed ANOTHER age group placement. I published my race calendar for 2012, and.... it's pretty much INSANE. I told Another Mother Runner why I run. And I closed out the running year by volunteering at one of my favorite local events, the Operation Jack Marathon, with #1.

That's a wrap, folks. 525 miles. 10 finish lines. And a billion Team Sparkle skirts later....







Adios, 2011.


  1. I love that you signed up for your 2nd half before you even ran your first!

    Happy 2012!

  2. Good job on your running! Kid #1 is amazing too, does she run for school as well?

  3. Way to go! Sounds like quite a year. Congrats!

  4. Way to go! Sounds like quite a year. Congrats!

  5. love the pic of Gabby at the grocery store!!
    happy new year to you and your family!
    wishing you HEALTH and lots of JOY!

  6. What an awesome year. Glad I got to share some of it with you!!

  7. Wow, what a great year! My yearly recap is going to be so lame once I get around to it.....

  8. Great Re-cap. Love the pictures. What a way to start off 2011 :( You are a trooper!

  9. You had an AMAZING year. I can't wait to see what 2012 brings you :)


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