Monday, June 28, 2010

I am a fail at meal planning.

Let's just get right down to it, because really, there's no good way to do this.

Success: Bourbon chicken, quesadillas.

That's it. Two days.

Now, with that said, I did manage to NOT eat out any days, at all. We just scavenged for random stuff because I didn't feel like or was too tired to or was to busy to cook.

I did make quinoa yesterday, but it was part of a fab dinner party with the Snork's. Which, somehow, didn't get photographed with the rest of dinner...

See those little puff balls, up on the top of the picture? These?

So awesome. I want to make them and eat them all day every day, forever. Mmmm.

Anyway. I mean, I'll keep making these "Meal Plans", but... it's not looking good, y'know? Maybe this just isn't something I'm good at. In my favor, it's a short week... Just Monday and Wednesday.

Monday (today): Chicken breast, rice pilaf, steamed brocolli.

Tuesday: Ordering pizza (it's planned, so it doesn't count as a fail!)

Wednesday: Chicken stir fry... must prep veggies Tuesday night.

Thursday-Sunday: We head out for weekend of camping!

Since 2 seems to be my maximum commitment level, I'll just leave it here.

And, I am linking up to Org Junkie, who has really good ideas, which probably work better on someone who sucks less.

Friday, June 18, 2010

“My only hobby is laziness, which naturally rules out all others”


So, last week's menu plan was... challenged.

Successes were: hamburgers, lemon pasta.

Yep. That'd be it.

Bourbon chicken was attempted last night, but... somehow... I had no soy sauce.

I ordered pizza one night instead of making pizza.

We did a mish-mash of miscellaneous foods found in my fridge a couple nights, as well.


So, let's pretend we'll try this again.

Monday: Bourbon chicken (for real, this time)
Tuesday: Chicken, quinoa salad
Wednesday: Quesadillas
Thursday: No plan, we have a graduation dinner to attend!
Friday: Tacos
Saturday: Lasagna?! (Maybe!?)
Sunday: leftovers


Anyway, I DO get to scratch some things off my goal list, which is exciting!
We went hiking at O'Neill Regional Park yesterday. It was not my favorite, but... it was done, and now we know we don't care for it! (#19 and #4 - efficient!)
I have The H putting our snow gear in a tote in our storage closet today (#27)
I paid my library fines! (#7)

I bought bread flour, and hope to work on that breadmaking later this week. I have all summer to get it right, I suppose!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I have been slacking a bit on the cooking at home front. I missed the farmers market a few weekends ago, haven't felt motivated, and just all around been lazy. Also note, the lack of witty quote up there. See? Lazy.

Today, my friends, is a new day.

I mean, I'm still not super motivated, but. I AM tired of not eating good stuff, and I AM tired of spending money on junk.

I am definately NOT an organizing junkie, but apparently someone is. So, here goes.

Monday - Weekend leftovers (heeehehhee. I know, I suck. Already. And it's only Monday!)
Tuesday - Bourbon chicken, rice, green beans
Wednesday - Hamburgers
Thursday - Individual pizzas
Friday - Lemon pasta with squash and zucchini
Saturday - Lasagna
Sunday - Quesadillas

I'm not sure what the "rules" are for Meal Planning, but these days are not set in stone. I might switch up a couple days if I'm feeling fiesty. But the meals are there, I have everything on hand, and by golly, we are sticking to it.


Friday, June 11, 2010

“My homework was not stolen by a one-armed man”

Stacy at Moderate Means posted about her 30 20 goals of Summer, inspired by Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop (at I love this!

My 30 things I vow to do this summer.

1. Gym. 3x's per week. Again. (so far, this is getting done!)
2. Go Veg, full time.
3. Family veg meals 3x's per week. Bwaahaaaa. They will eventually be converted.
4. Take kidlets hiking, once a week.
5. Camp, twice. At least? Ambitious? Maybe. (camped once in July!)
6. Bring lunch to work - ok to slide once a week. No exceptions, no excuses.
7. Suck less at being a responsible library patron. ie, go pay my fines, check out some books, and bring them back. Edit: Fines - PAID! Edit - Books checked out, AND returned!!
8. Read more - one book per week.
9. Cook one meal a week with kidlets.
10. Try cooking in bulk!
11. Pick up a new ingredient, and USE it.
12. Call my parents once a week.
13. Invite the cousins over more.
14. Find a big-girl pre-school for Baby.
15. Roll out no 'poo to kidlets.
16. Plant an herb garden.
17. PLAN a veg garden.
18. Red meat down to once per week (for the fam, none for me!).
19. Visit 1 new park in June, July, and August, each. Edit: June - done! Edit: July - done!
20. Update my resume.
21. Cut coffee. Switch to tea.
22. Use some of my 90 vacation hours that I've accumulated. Down to 80!
23. Trim my FB friends list of folks that annoy me. Under 100!!
24. Do another 5K.
25. Use sunscreen! (I am still a failure at this.)
26. Declutter the closets!
27. Organize outdoors stuff - snow gear, camping gear, etc. Edit: Snow gear, DONE! Camping gear is still all residing in the back of the van. You know. For next time. Edit: Camping gear: DONE!
28. Get rid of shoes I haven't worn in last 6 months. Sigh.
29. Consistent bed time, all three kids, all summer. So far, so good!!
30. Be less judgey. I swear it. Sigh. This one is tough.

Edited: I'm being ambitious. 31. Bake an edible loaf of bread. SUCCESS!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Guest blogger?!

Hi all-

I'm guest blogger today on To Kid or Not To Kid... read, comment, follow, enjoy :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Corona del Mar Scenic 5K - SUCCESS!

We completed the CDM5K yesterday. I am so, so pleased.

For some perspective, a few months ago we did a practice 5K at the gym. This was when we'd been gymming regularly, and we ended at 40:11. I was pleased.

We started practicing the actual race route a few weeks ago, to work on the hills. Our best time on the route was 46 minutes (I think? Turns out we were stopping shy of the finish line).

My OFFICIAL time yesterday was 37:57.


PS. lora thinks mommy should train more

Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when it's the only one you have"

Things I learned about camping.

1. SoCal campsites are apparently a hot commodity. I.E., don't attempt to book Joshua Tree sites 5 days out. Nor any other site.

2. If you DO wait until 2 days before camping to actually book a site, you must stalk the ReserveAmerica website until you find something. Do not hesitate. It will be booked while you check with your people. As soon as you see something come available, TAKE.IT. If you luck out, like I did, you might get a rad spot like Carpinteria State Beach.

2a. Take it so long as it meets your basic requirements of (a) a bathroom, and (b) no bears.

3. If you're new to camping, and just testing the waters, REI rents tents, sleeping bags, and other camping gear. And, when I wasn't really sure I NEEDED a 6 person tent, my friend Brian was kind enough to set one up for me. Right there, in the store. Which further cemented my love for REI.

4. Weather forecasters in SoCal are liars.

4a. On the off chance that they DO get something right, like, say, a gale-force wind storm on the beach, it's probably best you check the forecast, just in case.

5. The beach sounds like a steallar idea until a freak windstorm turns sand into weaponry.

5a. Wind also makes it REALLY tough to pitch a damn tent.

5b. Wind is now considered our Least Favorite Element.

6. Giovanni's on the corner of Carpinteria Ave and Linden Ave has pretty decent pizza. We settled on lunch here after walking the enirety of the "downtown" area, and my request for Mexican being denied. Hmph. They also have this super rad soda that I want to marry.

7. Candy stores make Baby hyped.

8. The pretty, pretty sunset makes beach camping, wind and all, worth it.

8a. So do headlamps.

9. S'Mores are a very exact science.

10. When I grow up, I want to live here.


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