Friday, March 4, 2011

Happiness is....

So last weekend while I was hanging out with The Mouse and running my first half marathon (did I mention that yet?), the fam was having a great weekend back in Cali.

In early February, we were contacted by the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation and asked to be the "Family of Honor" at a local 5K event. The event was being held the same weekend as the Princess Half. Immediately, my first thought was that I had to stay home for this. How do I miss that?

Obviously, we decided I should go to Florida. I had already paid for everything, it was all non-refundable, and The H gave me his blessing.

But they had a great time at the event, despite the crappy, rainy, cold weather.
Gab threw her fake side-eye around at Eva LaRue..

And #1 placed in her first race! 2nd overall on the kids' mile.

She said she could have taken first, but she felt bad 'cause the girl in front of her didn't know where she was going. Heh.

On Sunday, we were invited to an event hosted by Kristie's Foundation at a local petting zoo.

#2... She looks pleasant and happy. Don't blink, you might miss it.

Baby and The H. Apparently they're campaigning for a rodent like this one. No thanks.

I heard The H was melting down a little bit about the goats touching him. Hee!

and, ps. on #2. Freak. Can you see them? Here's a closeup...

When I got home, I had this waiting for me... Tulips are totally my favorite :D

Then I removed this from my fridge...

...and added this!

And spent some quality time doing this with Gabby.


  1. good times, heather.

  2. You had me laughing at the goats! Goats are so cute!!

    I put up my magnet (I bought the tiara one) ... guess I better do something with my marked up training schedule!

    You have such a cute family!


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