Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Random Wednesday Ramblings

  • Last night, I scheduled myself for 4x800's at 4:34-4:47. Dude. 800's are TOUGH. They are, like, twice as hard as 400's, no joke. But, I did it. Actual: 4:43, 4:27, 4:31, 4:31.

  • Tomorrow, I made plans for my cousin to come for dinner. I was stumped in figuring out logistics, because I was ALSO scheduled for 4 miles at 10K pace (hello, birthday 10K in 3 days!). And, also, I committed to meeting the Winter Group for Team in Training OC/IE Thursday night. All of the things, apparently, happen on Thursday. TNT won out, dinner and run rescheduled.

  • But speaking of Birthday 10K, the weather looks shady. And by shady, I mean sunny. And by sunny, I mean blazing hot. Dislike. Race gods, why are you toying with me?

  • Be quiet, I know it was my own fault for registering for a July race.

  • I have a big thing tomorrow, and I'm really nervous.

  • I'm wearing these shoes today, but they are giving me a blister.


    I've done a lot of unecessary walking today (not by choice, or by plan). Stupid choices. But they're so cute.

  • I got one of these the other day - oh happy day!


    It's REALLY summer when the treat recipets come out to play!

  • Then, when I went back for my $2 drink, I was FAMISHED, and grabbed this as well.


    It was good. But $5 good? Not so much.

  • I think the people in my office are just messing with me. Who does this?!


    And then later, there's this!


    The world. It's conspiring against me.


The Jesse said...

great job on the 800's. seriously, they are sooo hard! i think its awesome that you are doing a race on your b-day, i think that would be a great way to celebrate a b-day --- i'll be sending good vibes your way that the weather changes in your favor! AND i LOVE those shoes! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE :)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Your post made me smile. Nice job on those "double 400s". And, oh yeah, who races in that kind of heat this weekend? You are a bit crazy.

Alma said...

Good work on teh 800's. They ARE tough!

So...I LOVE THOSE SHOES!! You need my purple sparkle skirt to match :)

Caroline said...

It will not be that bad on Saturday. 80 partly cloudy. it could be a lot worst. for me this is good compare to what we have here that same day: full sun and 96.

Margs @ Faster Bunny said...

haha. this post made me smile on all counts. good luck on your race! and those shoes rock.

Heather said...

Your shoes are so pretty! You are brave though, I would totally twist my ankle in those. It is usually wedge city for my sorry feet.
Is this weekend's 10K your first? I am running one in two weeks and it will be my first, any tips? Good luck!

pthomas said...

Good job on the 800's. Good luck on the big thing you have today that you are nervous about. I LOVE those shoes!!! SO CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

Love those shoes and the polish too... super cutie! I passed on an awesome pair of purple shoes once and I still regret it... it was only like 3 years ago.

Woot for the 800s. Those are some pretty awesome times.

Hope the sun covers up for your run :)

Emily @ Journey to the Center of Manhattan said...

love those shoes! and my husband does the same thing to me with the TP. this morning it was under the couch. ......

Lucy said...

OMG, I am in love with those shoes. I can't focus on anything else other than those incredibly awesome shoes.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

800's are such a great workout thanks for the reminder!! The TP game is cracking me up!

SupermomE12 said...

great job on the 800s! They are tough but they are worth it. :)

I hope the big thing went well today. In those purple shoes I bet you rocked whatever came your way. :)

chacha said...

I love the shoes, too - but, yeah, blisters not so much.

800s are kind of miserable. In HS my coach actually had me run that event in meets to try to improve my mile time. 800 is a miserable race distance, IMO.

Hot on Sat? I hate hot weather races. Booo.


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