Tuesday, December 20, 2011

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”

I actually completed TEN races in 2011: 2 5K's, 2 10K's, and 5 half marathons.

Crazy, since I didn't run a single mile until October 2010.

I was going to say that 2012 would be a bit mellower, but.... let's be real.

Races already registered and/or committed to:
Tinker Bell Half Marathon, Jan. 29.

Mermaid Half Marathon, Feb. 12.

Race on the Base 10K, Feb. 25.


RnR Seattle FULL MARATHON, June 23 -- did you know that's 26.2 miles????? WHO DOES THAT?

San Francisco FULL MARATHON July 29 *---no, but really. WHO DOES THIS TWICE?

Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon, Sept. 30 (?) *

Holiday Half Marathon, Dec. 12* ----I want that damn snowflake


But that's not all.

Potential races, that I'd like to do, but I'm not committed to yet, or that I am planning on fitting in....

And... IF the weather looks good, I plan on registering at the expo... Long Beach. Full? Half? Undecided. Oct. 7.

Things I'm DEFINITELY NOT RUNNING, but plan on spectating....

Operation Jack, 12/26 - I'll be volunteering at the 2.5 mile water stop! If you haven't already registered, sorry 'bout your luck. It sold out!

The Southern California Half Marathon, Jan. 7. This runs literally 20 feet from my house, so if you'll be there, I'll be there cheering you on!

Carlsbad Marathon, Jan 22

If you will be at any of these (and, seriously, HOW COULD YOU NOT I'M AT ALL OF THE RACES EVERYWHERE), let me know!

*still need to register


  1. Awesome schedule! Just found your blog through your FitFluential post. Nice to meet you! :)

    I am running Goofy in 2012!!!!!!!!

  2. You are freaking AWESOME! Love that you are doing not one, but two...and maybe even 3 fulls! YEAAAAHHHH!!!

    K, I will see you at Carlsbad, Tink and Ragnar...maybe LB if its not a zillion degrees. Del Mar 5k could happen but I may do Fontana. We shall see!

  3. You're coming to spectate Carlsbad!?

    YAY! It's my first marathon in 9 years, so, it'll be nice to see some familiar faces :o)

  4. Maybe I could just live with you off and on this year and I can do cool races, too!?!

  5. You are officially BONKERS! I am only semi-bonkers... but you're like 100% crazy! I'm jealous! Crazy is GOOD! XO

  6. That is an ridiculous, amazing list of races!

  7. Now that's a race schedule. When are you doing one on the East Coast?!?!

  8. Woo hoo for Seattle! I still can't believe you are doing the full, crazy, crazy girl. FF reminded me that I'm halfway committed to Wine and Dine as well. I need to meet your sugar daddy so I can get some funds to pay for all these races...

  9. Nice schedule! very impressed, I have not planned ahead yet, maybe I should get on that!

  10. Wow that will be an impressive 2012 race schedule!! Good for you!

  11. You rock!!! Hopefully I can meet you at the SF Marathon - I'm running as well and am an Ambassador for that race. It's pretty rad.

    Love the races! I heard the Mermaid Series is great and I know some others who are really excited about RNR Seattle. My full plans are Big Sur (for fun - it's amaaazing) and then try to slaughter my PR at Ogden (it's downhill, but at altitude).

  12. YAYYYYY SFM!!!!! Cant wait to see you there!!!!!!!

    What a packed year for you -- I'm excited to follow your journey.

    ALSO, I am signed up for Seattle too. :) but we'll have to see if I make it to the start line. I'm doing a few out-of-state races next year (Maui [while on vacation, haha] & Ogden [my A race next year]), and I don't know if I should trek up to Seattle for a third. :|

  13. If I could afford the race registrations and lived where there were that many races, my calendar would look much like yours! But I can't and I don't, so it doesn't.

  14. You are going to have one hell of an AWESOME year! I HAD great plans for 2012 but now ... ugh. I just want to make my running comeback PAIN FREE and then I'll start thinking about races. SFM is still at the top of my list ... but I haven't registered yet either. I don't want to until I know I can return to running pain free. Damn injuries!

  15. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like you have an awesome schedule planned for 2012 as well!


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