Monday, September 15, 2014

Don't Call it a Comeback

Because I don't know if this will stick.

First, some SoCal holiday race discounts, and then I'll update on the exciting happenings around here. (that's an exaggeration, kind of).

The INAUGURAL Halloween Terrifying Ten Miler!!!

They're so cute!!!
There's a 10 mile, 5k, 10k, and kids Super Hero run - I'm SO excited for this one! Oct. 26 in Dana Point - I hear the course is beautiful. You can register HERE - I'll be running the 10 mile!

The Turkey Tri, Pumpkin Pie Kids Du, and Turkey Trot in Bonelli Park in San Dimas
November 22 and 23 - register HERE.

And finally, my FAVORITE race of the holiday season, the Troutman Sanders Renegade Santa Run.

This is home to my 10k and 5k PR's, so obviously there's something magical about the course. That's the only explanation. The race is fun, the medals are adorable, there's a kids' race, and there's a costume contest, so obvs it's the best ever. Previous recaps here for the 10k, and here for the 5k. Register HERE.

You can use HEATHERDISCOUNT for all of these to save an extra 10% - Renegade Races are really reasonably priced, and they consistently have great organization and swag - I love being able to support a local company that's so fantastic.


July was spent mostly wallowing in the lack of job, and waiting waiting waiting waiting and hoping hoping hoping for a position I was interviewing for to come through (seriously, I think I started interviewing in late April? May?).

I also started marathon training! I picked a pretty big goal, and my training started really great.

And then August.

We spent a few weeks in Florida visiting our families - a week in Miami, then up to the Tampa area - and my training stopped dead. I really thought I could rearrange my training schedule to run just short/speedy runs during the time I was there - so I ran 15 miles the day before we left, and planned to run long the day we returned.

None of those planned things happened. We went out for a run the second day we were in Miami, and I couldn't hang. Florida/other Southern State people, I don't understand how you do it.
At least it was pretty?

When I wasn't heaving my way through stupid 2-3 mile runs, we did some fun things.
#nofilter, Dunedin 
Fun fact - there were DOLPHINS AND MANATEES by those rocks. O.o.
Ft DeSoto

Later, gator.

It was a really great trip, even if we didn't fit Disney World in there.

And then my IL's were visiting us, so training continued to be derailed.

And then XC started again.

The Face of Fast?

And then - THEN....

I got a job. 

And that brings us to right now.

I started working last week, and so far, it's been pretty great. They had an incredibly long hiring process, which I admit, I mocked mercilessly at the time.... but everyone I've met has been wonderful, and so funny, and nice-but-not-too-nice-but-still-snarky, so obviously that's the culture they've been trying to build and this process apparently works for them.

I am working in secret places, no one can see.

I ran zero miles last week, so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna drop the marathon in November plan, because I just don't feel like I have time to train properly - getting back into working, and school, and figuring out schedules is more complicated than I remembered, so I don't want to overly complicate things by throwing in marathon training, too.


I've decided to go for a half PR in late December at San Diego Holiday Half - I heard it was super fun, and it should be an easy target because it's downhill HA. Friend Shannon-the-no-longer-blogger is running, too, so I'm excited. And it gives me heaps of free time to get through new job and XC season.

so. Hi. Maybe I'll be back, because I really do enjoy documenting my training.



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