Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I tried lunch running for the first time yesterday, and... it wasn't terrible. It was a decent run, but I'm the sweatiest human ever, so that was kind of weird. I did have baby wipes in my desk, but there's only so much they can do. But, since I'm super close to the Santa Ana River Trail, I should really take advantage of it. I think, if it's cold, or if there's ZERO sun, it might be a decent option for some easy mid-day miles?

The other awkwardness about this lunch situation, is the changing options. I *could* close and lock my office door, but is it weird to be changing in your office? I thought so. The bathrooms are shared for each floor, so there's that, but a billion people. I don't know if there's a good option.

Or I'm overthinking it.

2. I was going to play the "Guess My Marathon Time!" game, but based on the weather forecast, I suppose I'll be lucky not to drown?

3. I did kind of have some goals, but honestly, I'm not goin to kill myself over them. This isn't turning out to be (weather-wise) the right race to chase them down. So, I plan to run, have fun with Becka, and enjoy my Santa Hat Devil Horns. At least we'll be festive. No time goals.

Monday, November 26, 2012

t-6 days, and i'm drowning in snot

First, I'm sure you've all read about what happened to fellow blogger Elizabeth over the holiday weekend. Click HERE to read her story. The most shocking thing I've seen, is in the comments. The number of people who said they have also been attacked BY THIS SAME MAN is unbelievable.

She has listed excellent tips on how to stay safe while out running, some of which I shared with #1 when she went out for a walk over the weekend. I live in what has been consistently rated the safest large city in the US, and honestly, reading our crime blotter is hysterical - things like, car left unlocked, laptop removed; police called to scene where kids were loitering. We're very, very safe. And I try to be careful, but her list was an excellent reminder of how to stay safe - and I'm guilty of more than one of those things.

Alene at Journey to Badwater summed up my feelings exactly HERE. What a shitty, shitty piece of human that dude is.


So, I know I said Saturday that I was heading out for 4 miles. I lied. I've been fighting some funk for a few days, and the longer I sat around waiting to feel better on Saturday, the worse I felt.

I figured the 11 for Sunday were more important than the 4, so I called it "resting", and thought for sure I'd feel better Sunday.

Sunday comes, and now in addition to all the snot and foggy headedness, I have a sore throat and cough. That's awesome. I sat around and moped and guzzled tea for hours, to no avail.

I felt crappy, but decided to head out for 20 minutes, and I would re-evaluate then. Maybe it would cure me.

20 minutes, I felt awful. My body feels fine, my legs feel great, but I feel AWFUL. I try to give it another 10 minutes, and still awful. But I can't possibly leave a run with a decimal point in my mileage, so I slogged through until I hit 3 miles, and called it a day.

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Way to close out CIM training with a bang.


Some fellow Ragnar Ambassadors are hosting an info session at Road Runner Sports in Costa Mesa tonight at 6pm - I'm hoping to make it, but it will totally depend on the status of my sickness. Message me if you have any questions, or need directions!

Last week:
Tuesday: 6 miles, easy pace. Headed out IN THE DARK with a friend for 4.3 easy, finished 1.7 fast. Not what was scheduled, but it was fun.
Thursday: 6 miles easy with The H.
Sunday: 3 super lame miles

This week:
Today: I rest, and drink more tea, and cross my fingers that I'm magically healed ASAP.
Tuesday: 5 miles, some speed work
Wednesday: Yoga (FOR REAL)
Thursday: 5 miles easy
Friday: pack?
Saturday: Becka!
Sunday: 26.2

Saturday, November 24, 2012

What I Ate This Week

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App   Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

It's looking a lot like taper....

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and didn't pick any fights while Black Friday shopping.

We had a pretty low key day, cooking at the Snork's house, and observing their potty training attempts.

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the answer is CHAOS. It looks like CHAOS.
We cooked too much food, too many carbs, and had a delightful time. Since we don't have family around, I'm grateful we have good friends to share holiday's with.

I'm also grateful to have a very, very patient H who slummed his long run with me. Curse his natural speediness.

6 easy paced miles through our neighborhood. It almost looks fall-like.
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I complain about my lack of speed a LOT (I know), but it isn't lost on me that my easy pace on yesterday's taper run, is 6 minutes faster than my 10K PR from just a year ago, and 2 minutes slower than my "I might die" PR from earlier this year. I need to be less whiney.

Friday, we headed to a local outlet mall, where I obsessed a little bit over this dress...
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Dolce and Gabbana. $1500, AND 40% off. COME ON.
I don't know why The H wouldn't let me buy it. He's always thwarting me.

Afterwards, I forced delicious cupcakes on my children. We picked up three different flavors, and I stole pieces of each of them. FOR RESEARCH.
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We came home with dark chocolate, espresso, and pumpkin from Casey's Cupcakes.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Pumpkin, with pumpkin maple filling and maple vanilla buttercream.

Heading out for 4 easy today, followed by 11 tomorrow for my last long run before CIM. That kind of popped up on me.... Hope the weather clears up...


I don't do really well in cold rain.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Most wonderful time of the year. By that, I mean taper.

First things first - thank you all for the really nice emails and comments about Gabby last week. Turns out, all of my hand-wringing was for naught - her fever never went above 99.x, so we didn't have to take her into the hospital. She was feeling better throughout Thursday, and made it to school Friday for her Thanksgiving Feast.

That's another bullet dodged, and man, are we so lucky.


I really sucked at the cross training this week. I also sucked at even getting in all of my miles. I swear there was a good story/reason behind me pushing my schedule back, but I can't really remember the excuse I made up when I did it. LAME.

Anyway... last week:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: Yoga, just 30 min restorative.
Wednesday: Hill repeats!, 10x90 sec uphill, total of 7 miles
Thursday: Dinner with Madison, that I haven't recapped yet, because I'm lazy.
Friday: skipped a run*
Saturday: 7 miles tempo!!**
Sunday: 14 easy ***

*Skipped because I'm a. lazy and b. have terrible ideas of time management. Lame.
**THIS WAS FREAKING GLORIOUS. Scheduled for 8 miles, with 2 easy, 4 at tempo (10:15), and 2 cool down. The H was going to run 7, and my tempo is his long run easy pace, so we ran together. Actual paces: 10:07, 9:55, 9:54, 9:26. WHAT. And, I could TALK. I mean, not tons, but I think we were still conversing. And then we stopped at 7, and walked a mile back home.
***On the treadmill, catching up with Top Chef. Man, there are a LOT of annoying people on TV. Holy crow. 7 treadmill kills.

Total: 28 miles, 1 cross training (I'm not counting some walking I did here, but am counting it for Pile on the Miles).

This week, I pinky promise:
Monday: Cross training {I think I'll do Bob Harper, and maybe yoga}
Tuesday: 6 miles easy
Wednesday: Cross training {more Bob Harper}
Thursday: 6 miles marathon pace {this is not terrifying, because my goal marathon pace for CIM is slow and easy, HA}
Friday: Cross training {Bob Harper, I'm lookin' at you} {unless I'm too busy shopping, and I'll totally call Black Friday shopping cross training}
Saturday: 4 miles
Sunday: 11 miles

Total: 27

Two pictures, lest I post a wall of text with no photos.

1. Gabby borrowed my phone in the car...
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2. "It's a kettleball!" Thanks, Bob Harper. THANKS.
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. Treadmill Musings
I have rediscovered how much I LOVE FRIENDS. Not, like, the people that are my friends (the people are great, too, but that's just not what I meant), the SHOW. It's hysterical, and it makes time on the treadmill fly by. I also LOVE Jeff Lewis. I want to be his bff.

Things I do NOT like: RHONJ (any of the other franchises are fine), anything Guy Fieri, Paula Deen (her voice makes me cringe, even watching the captions, I can hear it), or Rachael Ray.

I sometimes count kills in the gym - the number of people who come and go while I'm running. Last night's count was 7. BAM.

I keep waiting for the new season of Top Chef to be aired at a time that's convenient for me to be running, but so far it has eluded me. Rude, Bravo. RUDE. {wait, I'm a liar - looks like Sunday at 8am I'll be doing my long run on the treadmill, thanks Bravo!}

2. Holiday's are SNEAKY
Did you realize Thanksgiving is ONE WEEK AWAY? Why is it so soon?? I don't know if I'm prepared for this! That also means that Christmas is... soon-ish. This ocurred to me yesterday when I saw someone with a Christmas tree up. A Christmas tree. It's not even Thanksgiving, you guys, why are you rushing?!

3. Sad face
Normally, a kid presenting with a low grade fever (99.x) and being kind of sleepy just gets some extra rest, and doesn't really concern me. I almost PANICKED last night because Gab has a low fever (really, really low, like, I'm probably being crazy, because 99.1 is NOT much of a fever). NORMALLY, a fever won't really concern me unless they're high, or something else is afoot. But Gabby is a Special Snowflake, and with the port in her chest (ew), she needs to go straight to the hospital for admission for 48 hours, do not pass go, certainly do not collect $200. Annnnnd, now it's a little higher (99.9 is high in my world), so I'm panicky again.

Oh, leukemia. I am not a fan.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What if something's on tv and it's never shown again?

I woke up this morning and it was 42* outside. What the heck, OC, I thought we were being friends. Brrr.

I was the most jealous human EVER this weekend watching all the cool kids enjoying Wine and Dine weekend. 2013, this is a priority.

This weekend, we did a LOT OF SHOPPING (but not a lot of buying). #1 was on the hunt for some new shoes, and a dress for a field trip at the end of the month. Hot dang, she is difficult sometimes.

The views while shopping don't really suck.
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
If you look closely, there is a tiny, tiny bit of snow on some mountains back there. I swear.
During the shopping expedition, I spied with my little eye these beautiful hot pink, patent leather Kate Spade slingbacks....
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They were $50. I don't know why they didn't leave with me. 

Gabby is on The Steroid again. In case you've missed it, The Steroid makes her kind of a jerk. A hungry jerk. There's not much fun about an unreasonable, famished kid. So far, it's been pretty mild, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she remains that way for her poor teacher today. Good luck, Mrs. A.

Saturday night, she walked into the living room, and demanded to LAY ON SOMEONE RIGHT NOW. And collapsed. Then she did this.
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Okay, then.

Friday night, I went to a Road Runner Sports VIP event in Laguna, and met up with Sheila and her kidlets. They're hysterical. I spent some time prancing around in some trail shoes....
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It's a PureGrit vs Cascadia show down. I'm super enamored wtih the Flow's and Glycerin's, so I think I'm sticking with Brooks for now. Why mess with a good thing.

I feel remarkably good for having just run 20 miles. And I was a little hungry yesterday, but not really as bad as I thought I remembered from spring marathon training. Huh.

I'm on the fence about IMS Arizona. I registered when it was STUPID cheap, like, $35, and I haven't booked any travel yet, so I'm not losing much if I flake. But I hate flakes, so I don't know. I might drop to the half, instead. Eh.

I'm feeling pretty MEH about the World War Z trailer - you can watch it HERE. I really, REALLY liked the book, but I don't know that there's a really good way to turn that book into a movie. And this certainly isn't it. I don't know. It might be a fine film, but it's certainly not World War Z. MEH.

The end.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Last week, I ran. A LOT.

So, this Bob Harper Live 2 Week Challenge is over.

It's really, really hard to fit in strength training 5 times a week, plus marathon training.

I REALLY liked the BHL workouts (shockingly). They were challenging, but over pretty quickly, and - most importantly - they seemed to actually WORK. If I were better, I'd have taken some pictures, but I didn't. You'll just have to take my word for it.

I think I'm going to keep adding the BHL stuff to my routine, but probably not five days a week right now. 4 seems to be just about all I can handle, with work/kids/running.

Last week....
Monday: BHL Total Body Challenge II - burpees, lunges, squats, weights, etc
Tuesday: 8 miles, fartleks (on the treadmill - fast during commercials, easy during Friends); BHL
Wednesday: BHL WOD - Jump lunges, mountain climbers, thrusters, kettle balls, push-ups, and other things.
Thursday: 8 miles, last 2 fast
Friday: BHL - arms
Saturday: 6 easy with The H
Sunday: 20 easy, 2 mile walk

Total miles: 42 (44 if you include the walking) - that's my highest mileage week ever. So tired.

This week:
Monday: REST (or maybe yoga)
Tuesday: 7 miles hill repeats (BAH), BHL?
Wedneday: BHL
Thursday: 8 miles, easy tempo
Friday: BHL
Saturday: 4 easy, BHL
Sunday: 14 easy

My Sunday run was a loop around Newport Back Bay, plus some trails (I use that word losely, they were just unpaved), and a couple weird out and backs.

I do a LOT of my running on the treadmill. I love the treadmill, I get to watch whatever junk TV I feel like, and no one bothers me (except all the weirdos at the gym, but compared to yapping kids, I'll take it). But the weather this weekend was BEAUTIFUL, so I decided to take advantage and head outside.

I'll be honest. Running a long run outside, by myself, it kind of terrifies me. I'm cool for 8-10 miles outside, but after that, I start thinking crazy things. What if I get bored? What if I get lost (on a loop, hello, me)? What if I get hurt? Fall? So many stupid things run through my head, and I freak myself out, because I'm insane.

But Newport Back Bay is kind of a runner's paradise - pretty, great views, well travelled, but not overly crowded, a little hilly, but not TOO hilly, and bathroom/water fountain accessible.

I don't know what my problem is, but it was FINE. I did one loop, then ran some of the trails at the park, and decided another loop was just TOO FAR (I don't know why I'm so dumb sometimes, 10 miles is 10 miles, right?), so I went out on an adjacent trail for a few miles, back, out on the Back Bay trail a few miles, and back, and walked the 2 miles back to my car (WHY did I walk that, it's like I forgot that walking and running suck equally at that point).

Also, I don't know WHY people on this trail are so rude. I make sure to acknowledge everyone - partly because it's just polite, but also because I don't want to be killed, and I assume a murderer won't kill someone that was nice to them. But of everyone out there, two dudes acknowledged me. That was it.

Just wave back, people. I don't need to be your BFF, but lord, is it so terrible to be polite? It's not hard.

And, cyclists, don't be an asshole. There's no need to try to pass someone and almost run into me because you're not as good as you think you are, and can't pass that guy fast enough.

Anyway. It's a pretty loop.

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I'm not normally into analyzing my mile splits on long runs (mostly because it's on the treadmill and I don't know them.....), but holy CRAP was I pretty consistent:
12:25 -gu
11:20 -shotbloks
10:53 -shotbloks
11:12 -gu (when I thought I might try for 22...)
12:26 - THE END

Monday, November 5, 2012

Chino Hills Trail Half Marathon - Recap

Quick PFTW...
Last week:
Monday: Bob Harper Live 2 week challenge, Day 1 - Lower Body Burn
Tuesday: BHL Day 2 - Upper Body and Arms
Wednesday: Scheduled for 8 actually did 4 easy; BHL Day 3 - (Not really) 5 minute workout - Kettle balls, lunges, high knee tucks
Thursday: Yasso 800's! **
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Trail half
Sunday: BHL Day 4 and 5 (burpees, jumping jacks, push ups, squats, lunges, tricep dips); 1.5 mile slog, 1.5 mile walk of shame home

This week:
Monday: BHL
Tuesday: BHL, 8 miles fartleks
Wednesday: BHL
Thursday: 8 miles, BHL
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 6 easy, BHL
Sunday: 20-22 easy

**The Yasso's were probably the best training run I've had in WEEKS. Goal pace 4:30 (9mm). Actual splits: 4:27, 4:28, 4:29, 4:29, 4:28, 4:27, 4:28, 4:28, 4:28, 4:20. WHAT.

Now, I know that implies that I can run a 4:30 marathon.

I call bullshit. 4:30 seems incredibly unlikely in my current state. Which is, the state where I decide 1.5 into a 6 mile recovery run that my body is rebelling against running ENTIRELY, and I suck, and I'm never, ever doing it again, and spend the rest of the 1.5 mile walk home crying a little and being extra whiny. LAME.


Chino Hills Trail Race - this race had been on my radar for awhile. Then Rose said she was running, and we decided to run together. And then I was super lame and forgot to register, and it was sold out. So I emailed the RD, and they were AWESOME and said they could let one more runner in. Reason #47,000 I love smaller races.

Saturday's run also had a 10K, full marathon, and 50K available. In the spring, it looks like they do several different distances over a few week period.

This was probably one of the most well organized events I've EVER run. And for the registration costs ($45 for the LATE registration, I think it was, like, $25 if you registered early), the swag was fantastic - long sleeve shirt, great aid station, awesome finish line food, and a medal (okay, so the medal MIGHT have said "Chino Hills Spring Race Series", but I wasn't expecting a medal at all!).

Jerk Shin got a little sketchy. I forgot to bring Nuun, so I picked up PowerAde Zero, because I forgot that it makes me feel like someone is stabbing my side every time I drink it, so that was less than fun for miles 10-13. The trails were beautiful, and I thought they were well marked for the half marathoners.

First aid station (around mile 3.5) had fluids only. The second (and last) aid station had EVERYTHING. Coke, pb&j, grapes (THE BEST), oranges... And at the finish line, pizza, tons of berries (BEST FINISH LINE FOOD EVER), and watermelon.

The course was uphill the first half (I think Garmin stats ended up with about 3,000' overall gain, but that's totally not official, and I could be misremembering) - a couple of good climbs, then some rollers, then down some single track (SO FUN), and then through a canyon, and gradual downhill to the finish. The first half is SUPER exposed, so if it's hot, it's REALLY hot. The second half had some shade, and parts of the canyon were straight chilly.

It was an excellent time. I had so much fun, I almost forgot how much I've hated running lately. Trail races are where it's at, man.

I feel like we finished in a decent time (2:42, I think?), and it didn't suck AT ALL that we passed a fuckton of people, and no one passed us. That really doesn't happen very often to me.

Rose KILLED it. I think she has super powers. And, the funnest runner. I'm so glad we were able to both make it!

Anyway, the pictures...

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Hey there, mile 1,000.34!

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS IT'S NOVEMBER ALREADY. How did that even happen!??!
I'm closing out October with 129 miles, my third highest ever. And then yesterday, I wore my San Francisco Marathon race shirt and medal, called it a costume, and ate cupcakes for lunch, and called it "carb loading".  Best decision ever.

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2. Halloween
#2 dressed up as some weirdo commercial version of Alice in Wonderland, that I didn't like, but she was super in love with, and then we got 25% off because the sales person thought the package was missing gloves, so I caved. Ugh.
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Gabby was Merida from Brave. She was also the cutest thing EVER IN THE UNIVERSE.
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
This is how Brave people stand. Did you know?

Kid #1 was too good to dress up for me, and I have no pictures. I promise she exists.

3. NYCM and The Drama.
So the marathon is giong on as planned this weekend, despite the damage caused by Sandy. Since I'm not running, I'm pretty neutral on this decision - I've got zero invested, so it makes no difference to me either way.

On one hand - I don't think it's the worst thing ever that they are moving right along with the prep and holding the race. NYCM brings in a buttload of money for the city. Money is always needed for disaster recovery. Second, NYC'ers seem to perpetuate this sentiment that they're super tough and the show must go on (seem to, this is my opinion, not based on fact, etcetcetc). Third, they have a financial obligation to the runners. It would be irresponsible to divert those funds or use them in any way other than holding this race. Finally, I'm not there. I don't know what the actual FOR REAL, not on tv or print, situation is. If NYRR and the Mayor feel like the city can handle the race, the course is clear enough, they have the manpower to make it happen, then that's their call to make - because I'm NOT THERE.

On the other hand - I think it should just be canceled this year. It's just a race. It's not the end of the world. Even if the course is clear enough to run, and they have enough volunteers without interrupting actual city business, I don't know - based on what news I've read - that the infrastructure is there to properly handle the influx of people this race brings in. The city relies so heavily on public transit, and it's just not functioning. That shouldn't be overlooked.

Honestly, if I were running, I'd defer. As Skinny Runner said in her recaps, NYCM is an experience, and this is just not the experience that I'd want. If I had tickets/hotel and it was non-refundable, I'd probably go, and volunteer somewhere. I wouldn't be running. Not because I'm a super-compassionate person, but because I'd run for that experience, and running for me is super mental, and I just wouldn't be able to enjoy it. If I don't enjoy it, I won't bother. But I wouldn't really call people who choose to run selfish or anything. Whatevs.

Also, I grew up on the gulf coast, I'm not a stranger to watching hurricane coverage. This was no Katrina. People comparing this to Katrina are being overly dramatic and honestly, it minimizes that event. Cut that out.

Apparently I felt more strongly about this than I realized. Anyway.


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