Monday, December 12, 2011

Help me, blogworld. You are my only hope.

I have a work lunch tomorrow.

I have this dress that I purchased recently, and haven't worn, but really want to.

And what shoes? The shoe options available to me are...
1... Black sling back with peep toe...

2... Standard black pump...

3... Red patent pump. I realize these are ridiculous, but they're beautiful.

4.... Black patent knee-high boot....

But it's cold, so I want to wear tights.

But are solid black tights okay?

I think I've lost my ability to dress myself in any cohesive fashion, if it involves non-running outfits.

Womp, womp.


  1. I'm fashionably ridiculous - don't you remember that you help ME?? But I love the dress. And all the shoes.

  2. black tights red shoes. red something else. if you don't own any red something else's tights with black pumps.

    And then wear it to yogurtland so we can all ogle your hotness.

  3. I think any of the options will work, but i like #1 the best.

  4. cute dress! i think solid black tights would look good -- and i like #'s 1,2,4.

  5. Great dress! I like the red shoes with it. Adds a pop of color:)

  6. Super cute dress!

    I'm fashion-challenged but I have a black/white dress similar to this that I wear with solid black tights and knee high boots so I guess that is my suggestion :)

  7. I like the peeptoes the best, with the boots, no tights, as #2.

    I have a bit of a "thing" against wearing black on your legs (tights, nylons, whatever) with anything but solid black - I just think it looks weird. But then I'm weird and not much of a daredevil when it comes to fashion.

  8. Love the dress. Red pumps all the way. It'll kick it up a notch, and red's a power color right? Plus, red shoes are just flat out sexy.

  9. Yeah, solid black tights and boots.

    I think solid black tights and pumps with the graphic white/black print might not look right. I dont' know though, you can always try it all on, see which one you like best.

  10. I definitely think the red goes best. But if you are wearing tights, nix the red. I do think every pair is good. But I don't like tights with open-toe. So that leaves me with the gorgeous black pump and the boots. Since it is winter, I would go with the boots. :)

  11. Love the red, and I think you can pull it off with black tights.

  12. Well if you watched TLC's "What Not to Wear" they would certainly say to go for the Red. Not sure they would say with tights. Guess it depends on how flashy you want to be, but the red certainly looks like a beautiful pair of shoes. Do it! You should post a pic of your decision.

  13. Oh dammit. I'm so late.

    I'd vote for the sassy red!
    But if going with tights, I'd go with the boots.

    What did you pick??


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