Friday, December 16, 2011

The Confessional... Friday Funnies included

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1. Hey, remember MONTHS ago when I went to a concert? Rest assured, world, my Evan Dando obsession lives on. This song is my current repeat fave:

Lyrics HERE. (Confession: I play an Evan Dando mix on youtube (Confession 2: Man, he's pretty) (Confession 3: I just gave him his own tag. ON MY BLOG. TOO MUCH)

2. We're 9 days out from Christmas. Have you finished shopping?! (Confession: I haven't)

3. I'm very, very excited to run tonight. (Confession: I'm equally feeling like I might lazy-talk myself out of it... it's been 6 weeks since I ran regularly!)

4. I haven't really posted about this much, but! Gabby is being granted a wish through the Make a Wish program. I talked about our meeting with the Wish Granter's briefly HERE. We heard back from the document coordinator this week, and they are hard at work on her wish.... TO DISNEY WORLD! Her official wish was to "meet Cinderella in the giant castle far away, because Cinderella is so beautiful". So, pretty much the cutest thing EVER. (Confession: I tried very, very hard to not influence her wish with my very obvious bias towards all things Disney - I succeeded, but #1 may have been busily showing her youtube videos of Disney World....)
Yeah, those are patent knee high boots. I don't know. (Confession 2: I obviously need to clean out our pile o' shoes, but I won't)

5. My mom flew away last night. The girls had SO much fun with her visit.
(Confession: I did more in the last 10 days in SoCal than I've done in a year. Lame)

6. I love that RunRacing lets you customize your bibs... I may have done this to the H...
He's just about as pleased as he seems in that picture.. (Confession: None, I don't feel bad) (The bibs made more sense when I was Mrs. Awesome. #1 was Awesome #1. I wrecked the whole party with Jerk Shin)

7. Yeah, she's sleeping like that. No commentary needed.
(Sorry, #2)


  1. The race bib? AWESOME (obviously).

    #2...... HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. My favorite photo is obviously the last one. : ) But my favorite THING is that Gabby gets her wish.

  3. Nice to hear Gabby is going to get to see Cinderella. :)

  4. The bib = the best.

    Yay for make-a-wish! You guys will have a blast, I'm sure.

  5. I am SO so excited for you guys! Two of my kids have gotten trips to Disney World through Make A Wish and it was AMAZING both times. Give Kids The World (where you will stay) is my favorite place on the planet. If you have any questions or want some tips on things send me an email and I can call you. I promise it will be the best week of your life. Josh and I had as much fun as the kids. :)

  6. Congrats to Gabby and her wish, that is wonderful news.

  7. Disney World!!! wonderful!! for the whole family I hope!
    she deserves it! the best of the best for a brave girl!

    ...ahhh I am DONE with shopping and I am so HAPPY to be DONE because I hate shopping...and better than that I am also DONE WRAPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and yes I am bragging about it to anyone who will ask!!! :)
    all that is NOT my favorite part of the Holiday..,now I get to just BE and enjoy the family time.

  8. I am not done shopping yet but I hope to be before the weekend is over.

    That race bib is amazing! Love it :)

    Awesome news about Gabby and her Make a Wish Foundation wish :) Very exciting stuff! I hope she is feeling better than she has been ...

  9. Loving Gabby getting a wish, which I don't think she needs because she rocks those boots like no other, not even Cinders :-)

  10. This is awesome! All of it is.

    I can't wait for the WDW trip. I want to know when it is and I want to know NOW!!! :) ºoº


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