Sunday, November 9, 2014

All the small things

There are so many exciting things happening, I barely even know how to start!

1. Work is still great. Part of what I do involves searching up things that land me at stuff like this
I lol'ed for like five minutes.

2. I just bought tickets to see BFF Evan Dando (and Psychadelic Furs) next week at Downtown Disney. This is, like, sensory overload, these are all of my most favorite things! 

3. AND THEN I was lamenting to The H that it had been awhile since I'd seen Mighty Mighty Bosstones on the west coast, so I googled, and SURPRISE FOR ME, they'll be here in December! So psyched. 

4. XC season is coming to an end - our league finals were last week, and we came in 3rd in the league. Next weekend they head out to Mt. Sac for Southern Section prelims, and I anticipate the following week, they'll be heading to Finals. I don't think states are in the cards for them this year, but.... it could be close!

5. I haven't publicly discussed it too much, but #1 has had a tough season. I think (and her coaches agree) she's just a bit overtrained and her legs aren't recovering very well - her times got slower and slower (lol at 19:30 for 3 miles being slow), and her legs felt tireder and tireder. After a week of intensive massage, stretch, roll, and ice, she finally bounced back a bit for the league finals. Her confidence has taken a bit of a hit the last few weeks, so I'm really glad she had a strong race to close out the season, before heading into post-season competition. 

I believe the haircut is what worked a magic run fast spell on her. 
It takes sole.

6. I cross-trained 4 days last week, and ran twice, so Desi and Shalane should just step aside right now, because I'm the Greatest Athlete Ever.

7. Related to Desi/Shalane, I wish Kara would stop crying. But I have a cold, dead heart.

8. I am DYING DYING DYING for a race-cation. I can't find a spring/fall race that I'm obsessed with, though. Sad times.

9. This time change is not the greatest. I keep waking up toooooo early, and one day last week, I made cookies by 6am. Lame-slash-awesome.

10. THE END.


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