Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"The human mind is not capable of grasping the Universe. We are like a little child entereing a huge library."

Things I learned while camping, part 2.1. Yosemite recap.

1. Kids in the car are pretty hyped at the idea of driving 5 hours. Weird.

2. Fresno is pretty creepy, and I'm glad the Snork's decided to travel separately. Their bikes might not have stood a chance there. But the drive OUT of Fresno is really lovely.

3. Wildflower season comes later in the Sierra's, so, YAY for pretty flowers!

4. Giant Sequoia's are called Giant for a reason.

5. While reading travel tips, everyone said to use the pull out right after you drive through....

Yep. A tunnel, through the mountain.

6. But they weren't joking. This is serious business.... 7. Did you know, Yosemite falls is the 5th tallest in the world? True story.

8. Those trees keep being giant.
9. My kids are cute. And they liked Yosemite.

10. Everybody I talked to and read about yapped about how bears are plentiful in the park. There are even these signs. But you know what? I am beginning to doubt the veracity of these claims. Not one bear sighting, at all.

10a. Deer, however, were plentiful.
11. Use every pull out, always. You can always change your mind if it's boring. But it might be awesome. Like this.
And this.

Or this.

12. My kids are weird. (yes, I know this isn't really a new development, but.. all the same).

13. Tioga Pass is the highest pass in California. Running at this elevation is near impossible, and just dumb. So is walking, in general.

14. In July, there may still be snow avaialble to "play" in.

15. I don't remember what this little guy was, but we are BFF's now.

16. Toulumne Meadows was about 45 minutes from camp. It might have been my favorite part of the park, and if I had more time (and less kids) I'd have stayed here forever.

17. Baby likes yoga. Downward facing dog!

18. Snork tried to become part of a herd of deer...

18a. Baby might have foiled her plan.

(Don't worry. Baby's interference did not stop her. She continued, despite the marshy landscape and billions of mosquitoes. There is video, as well, if anyone is iterested.)

19. Snork is a risky person to take to a park, apparently. I'm not entirely sure what she's doing, but I'm pretty sure this was on the heels of Mr. Snork telling her she could not hang from a bridge.

20. The Snork's are, in fact, Baby stealers, but at least it looks like Baby would enjoy them.

21. Look, I'm tall!
22. Pullout = picnic spot. I TOLD you to stop at all pullouts!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh. Hello!

It's been a busy month!

I have things, floating about in my head, that I'll blog about in rapid-fire succession. True story.

So, a good place to start is always a list, right?

This is what I've checked off of my 30 Goals of Summer:
1. Gym has been a win the last few weeks - WIN!
5. Camped once, and looking for a second location to pull in my part two.
7. I've checked out books, AND returned them on time. WIN!
8. I've read 2 books in the last 3 weeks. Close!
19. We visited Yosemite National Park in July. June and July - WIN!
22. I've gotten down to about 80 hours of vacation time! WIN!
23. FB Friends list down to 100. WIN!
27. Camping gear is also organized. WIN!
29. Kids have been in bed by 10 unless we have other plans that have us out of the house. WIN!
30. I'm really, really trying. REALLY. Almost partial maybe possible win.
31. Bread - WIN!!


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