Monday, December 12, 2011

Racing is a spectator sport. Holiday Half 5K Recap...

Saturday morning, I woke everyone up bright and early for the Holiday Half 5K, that started at 8am.

Oh, except it didn't. It started at 9. So, sorry, family, for making you get out of your toasty warm beds and wait outside in the freezing cold for an extra hour. Sorry 'bout that....

I talked The H, #1, and my BFF and her husband into running the 5K with me, months ago. And then this happened, and I jumped over to the Half Marathon instead, which worked well logistically, because I could babysit my friend's Shady Baby.

And then The Shin happened, and none of that mattered 'cause I wasn't running anything. And apparently I also stopped reading schedules to see what time the race started.

Anyway, Holiday Half is run by Run Racing, the same folks who put on Long Beach Half. Rock n' Roll should take some notes, because Run Racing seem to be experts at putting on pretty seamless events.

The race started right on time...

I kept an eye out for my runners...

while babysitting Shady. I swear she likes me. She just doesn't know it yet.

Spectating makes me look homeless?

After all the runners passed by, I hopped over to the other side to watch the finish line.

Too much, my friend. Too much.

It was a pretty successful day, for everyone. The H finished in 26:52, after having not run much at all (not that I'm jealous...). #1 finished at 26:30, good for third in her AG. She had a rough day out there - I think she wasn't prepared for the cold air, or something; kind of a bummer, based on her last PR she could have placed in the top 3 overall, but whatever. She's rad and I'm proud.

She looked like she was gonna puke after she finished, but 15 minutes later was talking all about how awesome she is going to be next year. PSYCHED.

We had planned on sticking around for the kids' races with #2 and #3, but Gab was still not feeling great, so we bailed on those.

The shirts are NICE, and the medals are rad. #1's AG medal is hanging happily amongst her other AG wins.

I've heard good things about the Half, as well, so I'm extra bummed that I had to miss out. Oh wells. There's always next year.


  1. SEAMLESS?!! They charged for parking!! At early o'clock it was most distressing.

  2. Man. I totally want to do this one next year. I could take a whole week vacation, run CIM, the HH 5k and 1/2? Too much?

    Congrats to #1, the H, Snork & Rom. I sat on my ass all weekend and ate. :(

  3. Congrats #1! I so appreciate friends with strollers at races. You were a great spectator.

  4. I can't believe how slow the first place woman was. 22:02?! I can almost pull that out. I'm only 20-30 seconds off that. #1's totally got it next year.

  5. I agree with you, Run Racing are the best! 100%

    congrats on your daughter!
    the shirts.....hmmm the color for me is not great...I was hoping for red not green...the medals are nice though!!!


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