Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Austin Half Marathon - Week 10 PFTW

Last week....

50 squats

50 squats
Lunges (10lb) - 3x10
Pushups - 3x8
Bent over rows (15lb) - 3x12
Single-leg bridge - 3x15
Sit-ups (10lb) - 3x12

100 squats
4 miles easy

50 squats
Chest press (15lb) - 3x15
Reverse fly (10lb) - 3x6
Overhead press (1 set 15lb, 3 sets 10lb) - 3x10
Leg lifts - 3x12
Figure-4 oblique crunches - 3x12

100 squats
4 miles speed (lol "speed")

150 squats

20 squats
8 lovely miles

According to Strava it's been appx a million weeks since I've run that far, so imagine my surprise when it was a really great run. I'm probably going to win Austin Half Marathon.

It was a beautiful day for a run - a little breezy, but chilly, and I really love this trail through our neighborhood.

This week
Monday - I did nothing but sit, cook, and eat
Tuesday - Strength
Wednesday - 50 squats, 4 miles easy
Thursday - 70 squats, Strength
Friday - 90 squats, 4 miles "speed"
Saturday - 100 squats
Sunday - 150 squats, 9 miles

Monday, December 18, 2017

Austin Half Marathon - Week 9 PFTW

Last week....

30 squats

50 squats
3 miles easy

70 squats
Bicep curls (10lb) - 3x10
Overhead tricep extensions (5lb) - 3x10
SL Deadlifts (10lb) - 3x10 ea leg
Russian twists - 3x20

90 squats
4 miles, progression

110 squats

130 squats
{holiday party}


I made some very, very poor footwear choices on Saturday, and spent Sunday hobbling around with numb toes. I was afraid I was permanently damaged, but thankfully, I seem to be okay today. No amputation, what a relief.

Becka and I are also playing the Not Eating All The Things game again, and it's miserable. FML.

This week.....
Monday - 50 squats, strength
Tuesday - 50 squats, 4 miles easy
Wednesday - 100 squats, strength
Thursday - 50 squats, 4 miles
Friday - 100 squats
Saturday - 150 squats, 8 miles
Sunday - 20 squats, rest

Monday, December 11, 2017

Austin Half Marathon - Week 8 PFTW

Last week..

80 squats

90 squats
4 miles easy (lol because everything is easy-but-so-hard pace right now)

Front squats (20lb) - 5x15
Plain squats - 25
Push ups - 3x8
Bent-over rows (15lb) - 3x10
Single-leg bridge - 3x15
Sit-ups (10lb) - 3x10

Nothing because it snowed (IT SNOWED) ((squats rest day))

40 squats
4 miles

Chest press (15lb) - 3x12
Reverse fly (5lb) - 3x10
Squats with OH press (10lb 1st set, 5lb next) - 3x15
Plain squats - 15
Leg lifts - 3x10
Figure-4 oblique crunch - 3x10

80 squats
6 miles

This was the first week of working out without the trainer, and I kind of miss that guy. It was nice to have someone talking nonsense while I was dying, to distract me from that dying. It was also nice to just do what I'm told, and not have to piece together some well-rounded workout program. The heaviest weights we have at home are 10lb, so I don't know what I'm going to do when I need to increase weight. Use my gym membership, I guess.

The other big headline of the week was that it fcking snowed. In Austin.

People tell me that this is super rare.

They also told me that about the crazy tornado that came through when I was on my first visit here, and when we had a hurricane, so it can only be so "super rare". I'm starting to feel like they're lying and/or I'm cursed.

Next week....

Monday - 30 squats
Tuesday - 3 miles, strength
Wednesday - squats
Thursday - 4 miles, strength
Friday - squats
Saturday - squats
Sunday - 7 miles, no squats!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Austin Half Marathon - Week 7 PFTW

Last week.....

Front squats (15lb kettle bells) - 3x12
Bench press (20lb) - 3x6
Seated row (27.5lb) - 3x12
Single-leg hip bridge - 3x15
L-sit-ups with medicine ball (11.5lb) - 3x10

4 miles easy

Kettle bell swings (25lb) - 4x10
Kneeling single arm press (10lb) - 3x8
Lateral box steps - 3x8
Upright row (10lb) - 3x10
Lateral plank steps - 3x2x10

3 miles speed intervals (actually "speed")
50 Squats

TRX Squats - 3x12
Arnold press (12.5lb) - 3x10
Deadlifts (115lb!!) - 3x4
Bentover row (45lb barbell) - 3x8
Figure-4 sit-ups - 3x15
Reverse crunches - 3x10
Another 24 squats for a total of 60 for the day

5 miles easy
70 squats

When we were house hunting here last spring, we fell in love with this neighborhood - giant trees, not on a busy road but close enough, 15 minute commute for me, and this amazing running trail close by.

Point 1: It really IS beautiful, and I've loved running on that trail!


Point 2: Also super weird.

I don't know. Austin is weird.

Last week was my last week of personal training, so I guess now I have to like "be motivated" or something. I'll probably go back to fitness blender, but since I'm very, very strong now (lol), I don't have weights heavy enough at home, so to the gym it is!

This week:
Monday - 80 squats, because I saw a challenge and signed up for it. IDK.
Tuesday - 90 squats; 4 miles
Wednesday - 100 squats; strength
Thursday - no squats, 4 miles
Friday - 40 squats; strength
Saturday - 60 squats
Sunday - 6 miles

Monday, November 27, 2017

Austin Half Marathon - Week 5/6 PFTW

Week 5 

I wasn't able to get in anything before I left for Chicago, and en route to Chicago, I started feeling like I was coming down with something.

Wednesday I was up at 5:30a for my flight, and finished at the office at 8:30p, so I was good and exhausted and immuno-compromised when I left.

Thursday I had an all-day meeting (7:15a-5:45p), and immediately after left to see....
Image may contain: people sitting and indoor

It was as amazing as I dreamed it would be, but had me walking back to the hotel at 11p, and by then I was dripping and coughing and it wasn't pretty.

Friday, I was back for another long day of meetings and talking, and didn't get out of the office until I had to rush to O'Hare for my flight home. If you hear of a plague in the next few weeks that originated on a plane from O'Hare to Austin, I'm sorry.

Saturday I laid around and watched TV while trying to stay awake/conscious. Sunday I thought I felt better and left the house but it was a terrible mistake. I remember asking my husband how it's possible one person's head could have so much snot in it. We've been married almost 20 years, he so lucky.

Week 6
Monday was no better. Still dying, but since I was out of the office the week before and had PTO planned for the rest of the holiday week, I dragged myself into the office and sequestered myself into a room. I quit around 3 and went home to rest before my 6p trainer appointment. I went to the gym, and I know I did stuff, but I didn't write any of it down so I don't know what it was.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tuesday I was still dying and worked from home on my PTO day.

Wednesday I finallllllly started seeing a glimmer of hope! I felt a little less like dying! I went to the gym for my appointment, and rushed to the airport to pick up Lora. She was super excited to be in Austin for the holiday (she hates it here), and was really lovely and pleasant to be around (she was the worst for most of her visit).

Thursday/Friday I did a lot of cooking and cleaning and stuff. I also bought a couch online, and paid an exorbitant a grown-up amount of money for it. We've been living with a tiny Ikea loveseat in this giant living room since we moved because we couldn't agree on a couch, but Thursday, I asked my husband so many times what he liked about this couch, or this rug, or this couch with this rug, that he told me to just buy whatever and stop asking. That's my strategy for every purchase going forward now.

Saturday I don't remember what happened but Lora was still here so I'm sure it was tense.

Sunday, I dropped Lora off at the airport, and then.....

I ran and didn't want to die, so I'm probably recovered.

As dead as all these damn leaves in my yard

This week.... I have a lot of gym time scheduled, because my trainer is leaving so I took every last appointment had had :( Sad.

I'm probably cancelling my training after this, because the idea of starting over with someone else is terrible, and I don't really like people so Tyron was an anomaly. I was only sticking to it because I had pre-paid, but now I'm done with that part of the contract, so... adios.

Monday: Trainer
Tuesday: Run - 4 mi
Wednesday: Nada
Thursday: Trainer, Run - 3 mi
Friday: Trainer
Saturday: Trainer
Sunday: Run - 5 mi

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Austin Half Marathon - Week 4 / PFTW

Last Week...


  • 35 min run 
  • Front squats (40lb) - 3x10
  • Squatting Rows (45lb) - 3x10
  • Kettlebell arm extensions (10lb) - 3x10
  • Single leg hip thrusters - 3x10
  • Sit ups with a 5lb weight behind my head (so weird) - 3x10


  • Single leg squats (10lb) - 3x10
  • Incline press (15lb) - 3x12
  • Slider leg curls - 3x10
  • Bent over row (12.5lb) - 3x9
  • Star crunches - 3x10


  • 40 min run, 30 sec. pickups


  • Kettelbell swings (20lb) - 3x10
  • Push-ups - 3x10
  • Upright row (10lb) - 3x10
  • Single leg bridge - 3x8
  • Figure-4 oblique crunches - 3x10
  • Calf raises - 3x10
  • Hammer curls (15lb) - 3x6
  • Tricep extensions (15lb) 3x12


  • 55 min run, slow AF

I ran here and it was lovely. Drizzly and cool and it almost seemed like fall.
Image may contain: 1 person, plant, tree, outdoor, water and nature

After running very little for a long time, and then not at all for six months, it shouldn't be but definitely is shocking how challenging it is.

This week, I have to travel for work and - AND - see Hamilton, finally! I don't have any training scheduled since I won't be here - that's why my Saturday workout was so shitty - and probably won't run while I'm there. We'll see. Plan is:

Tuesday - 40 min run
Wednesday - travel, talk to too many people, late work dinner
Thursday - 30 min am run, 9 hour meeting, HAMILTON
Friday - talk to more people, more meetings, socially taxing efforts, travel home
Saturday - sleep? talk to no one?
Sunday - 60 min run

Monday, November 6, 2017

Austin Half Marathon - Week 3 / PFTW

Shalane Flanagan, eh?

Last week:

  • 35 min run
  • Squats with kettelbells (20lb ea) - 3x8
  • Squatting Rows (35lb) - 3x8
  • Kettelbell arm extensions (10lb ea) - 3x10
  • Sit ups while holding a giant bar behind my head?! - 3x10


  • Single leg squat (20lb ea) - 3x10
  • Chest press (45lb bar) - 3x10
  • Bridge curl with sliders - 3x8 <- font="" the="" these="" were="" worst="">
  • Bent over rows (15lb ea) - 3x7
  • Star crunches - 3x10
  • 35 min run with speed intervals 


  • 45 min run

I always swore I was not a person that would put clothes on my animals, because it's so weird. Yet, here we are:
Fear him.
I usually try to run before my appointment because 1. running is fcking hard already and 2. I'm concerned my motivation will disappear once I'm done with the thing I'm paying for, but Friday I was bamboozled into training first. Never again shall I make that mistake - I was correct that it was harder, but even worse, the trainer suggested I incorporate some speedier (lol, "speedier" intervals) and then when I argued, busted out a training book explaining the science to me. I got confused by the words and did it and it was the worst. Tricky bastard. 

On Sunday I stopped by Target to check out the new Hearth and Home line from Chip and Joanna for some grocery shopping. These Texas ladies sure do love them some Joanna

And finally, this. 
I think it's been something like five years since the husband and I took a night away without kids! Our 20th anniversary is next year, and when we I started thinking about what to do, we I originally thought a family trip to Europe would be fun. An opportunity came up to have someone stay with the kids for a week, though, so BYE SUCKERS. 

This week!
I'm heading to Chicago next week, so I'm cramming in an extra trainer session. Can't wait. 

Wednesday - 35 min run, trainer, in that order
Thursday - 40 min run, trainer
Saturday - 55 min run, trainer

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Austin Half Marathon - Week 2 / PFTW

Last Week


  • 35 min run
  • Kettlebell deadlift (35lb) - 3x10
  • Chest press (20lb ea hand) - 3x10
  • Reverse row 3x8
  • Reverse lunch with slider (10lb ea hand) - 3x8
  • Side bends (35lb) - 3x10
  • Weighted squats (65lb) - 3x8
  • Kettelbell arm extensions (10lb) - 3x10
  • Kneeling row (22.5lb) - 3x10
  • Hip thrusters - 3x10 
  • Weighted sit-ups (10lb) - 3x10

  • 35 min run
I've been fighting a plague going around my office for a week, and it finally destroyed me on Friday, so I pushed my run to Saturday, and my "long" run to a random PTO day I had planned for Monday. 

On Saturday, I took Gab to the most Texas thing we've done since the time we went to a rock-skipping contest at an outdoor barbecue restaurant in hill country. Texas is crazy. 
Anyway, Gab loves horses and now wants to own one. We have a yard (a yard!), but I don't think it's that big, kid.

Why yes, she IS a giant.

This week:

  • 45 min "long" run

  • 40 min run
  • Trainer

  • 40 min run
  • Trainer


  • 55 min run

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Austin Half Marathon - Week 1 / PFTW

Last week!


  • 30 min run
  • Weighted squats (55lb) - 3x8
  • Kettelbell arm extensions (10lb) - 3x10
  • Kneeling row (22.5lb) - 3x10
  • Hip thrusters - 3x10 
  • Crunches with medicine ball (10lb) - 3x10
  • Leg lifts with medicine ball (10lb) - 3x10


  • 30 min run 
  • Deadlifts (65lb) - 3x8
  • Chest press (20lb) - 3x10
  • Reverse row - 3x8
  • Weighted reverse lunge on foot sliders (7.5lb ea hand) - 3x10
  • Side bend (25lb) - 3x10

  • 45 min run

I haven't been running outside since we moved because - I'm not sure if anyone has noticed this - Texas summers are the most oppressive, terrible things in the world, unless you enjoy feeling like you live literally on the sun. 

One of the reasons we picked the neighborhood we did was because of this beautiful, shady trail that goes on forever. A lovely storm came through early this morning and made temps a fairly bearable 75*, so I took myself outside and ran, and it was hard, because running is really tough.
Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature

We had Lora home for a fall-break visit last week, which was weird. It's weird to say, "Lora's visiting for the weekend!"
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, tree, plant, outdoor, nature and water

This week
Wednesday - 30 min run, trainer
Friday - 30 min run, trainer
Sunday - 60 min run

I feel like I've forgotten how to write words and things that don't include statements like, "I want to make sure I'm fully understanding....." and "Going forward, please be mindful of your comments" and "I have some concerns." Work is going super great, thanks for checking. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Zombie Runner?



I'm not sure which came first - the retirement, or the blog quitting. But since they seem to go hand in hand, I'm picking both back up at the same time. I tried this before and it didn't stick, but maybe.... 

Some bulletpoints to catch-up:
  • I am still with the same company I was when my job ate up all my running time and I retired. 
  • But now I'm doing the work in Texas! I took a great promotion a few months ago to lead a new branch of the business, and it's been swell. Especially the super comfortable and pleasant summer parts.
  • I tried running while retired, and it didn't go super great. I was DFL at a trail race in Colorado, DNF'ed CIM, and slowly. SLOWLY finished a half marathon earlier this year. {links courtesy of Becka, who continued to blog and do fun things while I did neither of those}.
  • I'm running the Austin half marathon in February! I plan to a. finish, and b. not be last.
  • Lora (previously known as #1) continued her high school running career, and was a big shot. She finished 29th in the state in XC her senior year, and is now running collegiality. I tried to convince her the PNW is where it's at, but she selected a school in the south. Related, she's now An Adult, and apparently makes her own decisions. 
  • Marissa (#2) is still feisty and likes to keep us on our toes. This is the understatement of the century. 
  • Gabby is still healthy, and adorable, but also getting mouthy, so that's new. 
  • I'm still married, and I still really like that guy.
  • We've added a new friend to our family!


Oh yeah! We went to the Grand Canyon!

I do a poor job of keeping track of my workouts and since that hasn't worked out so great for me over the last few years (see: my DNF at CIM last year), I'm rising this mess from the ashes to rekindle my PFTW and other things if I feel like it, tdb

I also joined a gym when we moved here, and have been working with a personal trainer. This wasn't my choice, but I was suckered into paying for it, so I'm certainly not quitting. It's not great, and it's really, REALLY tough, but I guess it's working because I seem very strong now. 


I see my friend twice a week, but I don't really know what my workouts are until I get there - I've asked not to be warned in advance so I can't chicken out. Ideally, I'll post this plan on Monday, and recap the following week with what I did so someday when I stop paying a million dollars a month for this guy, I remember what the workouts are. 

Wednesday - Gym (30 min run, 30 min with the trainer) 
Friday - Gym (30 min run, 30 min with the trainer)
Saturday - "Long" run


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