Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Five

1. My mom is visiting! We have been spending a lot of time surprising children (they didn't know), bird watching (they're still creepy, but she digs 'em), and hiking.

2. I ran 4 miles Tuesday, slow and easy, and it was like we had never been apart. Then gabby kicked the hell out of my shin (on accident, I think...), and mother effer it hurts.

3. Speaking of gabby, she had a procedure yesterday (lumbar puncture with chemo), that resulted in our first ever reaction following an LP. Scary. Bah.

4. Since I'm not running Holiday Half this weekend, or the 5k that I talked everyone else into running, I'm a little bitter. But I will be there Saturday to spectate the hell out of the 5k. Followed by a trip out to Joshua Tree for the weekend. Bring on the rock climbing!

5. Thank you, pinterest, for introducing me to avocado fries. They were delicious.


  1. Yay for running! I hope the "beat up" shin feels better soon :)

    Poor Gabby --- I'm keeping her in my thoughts!

    Have fun race spectating and at Joshua Tree! I've never been there but I want to.

    Um, avocado fries?!? Yes, please!

  2. How fun that your mom is visiting! enjoy!!

    Sorry about the shin and Gabby's reaction to the procedure... those things are scary. Hope she is ok now.
    Enjoy the spectating and Joshua Tree!!

    And what's an avocado fry? I need some!

  3. Poor little Gabby. Take care of yourself Momma.

    and LOVE Pinterest.

  4. Hope my fohawked twin is OK! I'll be thinking of her.

    Avocado fries sound like heaven!

  5. Hoping that Gabby is feeling better!
    Uh... avocado fries... sounds amazing!

  6. So bummed for Gabby and hoping she is feeling better soon.

    So bummed for you and hoping your mom-visit is going better than anticipated :)

  7. how do i not know about avocado fries? Hook me up here!

    hope the shin is feeling better.

  8. Sorry Gabby had a bad reaction. Just plain old sucks!

    Be good to your shin; I know you are.

  9. I hope Gabby is getting better now. Enjoy your time outdoors at Joshua Tree.

    Avocado fries? Just when I thought avocado couldn't get better...what a brilliant idea!

  10. I will be there tomorrow for the kids run and the expo..maybe I will see you there.

    Hope Gabby is feeling better.

  11. love to your brave gabby

    avocado fries ?? hum....i actually feel like it would ruin the avocado ??

  12. I still don't know Pinterest and am afraid to find out. Bah on the Holiday Half/5K

  13. LOve mommy visits, mine is here for Christmas :-)
    Hope your shin feels better soon xx

  14. ugh, hope Gabby's okay.

    Pintrest introduced me to chocolate chip cookies with an oreo baked inside.

    I'm going to pick your brain about disney, I can't WAIT!


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