Monday, December 19, 2011

Plan for the Week....

Oh, running.

So glorious.

To recap last week...
Wednesday: 2 miles!
Friday: 4 miles!!
Sunday: 6 miles!!!

All of it pain free.

Like magic.

For this week...
Monday: Rest (and dinner plans with my favorite OC bloggers)
Tuesday: 5 miles easy
Wednesday: yoga? (<--I keep saying, so one day it might come true...) Thursday: 5 miles easy Friday: Rest
Saturday: 7 miles easy

I have to say, I am SHOCKED that I was able to run those miles last week with no trouble. Of COURSE it was a bit slower than I was in October, but... I definitely could have kept going. I was sure I lost all endurance, but apparently not.

I was sent these Celliant socks a few months ago, before Jerk Shin, but didn't have a chance to really test them out before now.


And I pretty much love them. I'm not sure about the technology they profess to have, because I'm not super sciency, but from their website...
Celliant is a revolutionary technology that harnesses the body's natural energy through the use of minerals and fibers. Products containing Celliant have been clinically proven to increase blood flow and blood oxygen levels in the tissue and help balance temperature.
They FEEL great. I've never noticed how my feet felt before, so I can't compare these to regular socks, but my feet didn't feel tired, or hot. They are SUPER comfortable, too, which is unusual for me, because I am stupid picky about my socks.

Bottom line: Highly recommended!

Um. Did you see there's ANOTHER RunDisney announcement? Bah. At least it isn't preceded by ridiculous clues, I guess..... (but, seriously, RD, please stop. You know I can't resist you....)

Weekend photo dump!

Christmas shopping is OFFICIALLY done! Wrapping, less than done. Oh, and stockings. Also not done. But so close.

Next year, I swear it, we are taking a vacation instead of this presents business. It is SUCH a hassle, and we are powerless to cute things we see while shopping for paper towels at Target (and hence how we wind up with too many things for #3, and scrambling to up the ante for 1 & 2). It's just not how I want to spend my holidays.

Or maybe I just need to be more organized, and stick to a damn list.

You know. Either one.

Anyway, after months and months of scheduling conflict (aka, laziness), I made it down to the Irvine farmer's market (if you're local, it's on Campus, in the Trader Joe's parking lot, every Saturday).

Gosh it's glorious. I love shopping here.

We ended up walking out with
  • purple cauliflower
  • heirloom tomatoes
  • parsley
  • satsumas
  • golden beets
  • green onions
  • radishes
  • lemons
  • purple potatoes
....and some other stuff I can't remember off hand.

All under around $20. Shall we discuss again the expense of eating healthy? If you're in SoCal, at least, there's no good excuse why you can't.

Somehow, I've missed this, but Gabby's been decorating our Christmas tree with...
Leaves. In the ornaments. Of course.

She spent the first half of Sunday just about like this...

the last few weeks have been not so great for her. For the most part, she's had very minimal side-effects from her chemo - occasional sleepiness, nausea, general blahness. But man, since her last lumbar treatment, she's been pukier than normal. One of the chemo meds we give her at night has to be given on an empty stomach, but before she sleeps, because it makes her nauseous; but now she's waking up in the mornings puking. We have an anti-nausea med that we can give her, but she hates it... so I guess it's like picking the least awful option for her - meds at night that she hates, or puking in the morning.

Stupid choices that a five year old shouldn't have to make.

Man, it pisses me off.



  1. Wow! How do you do it all? Can I ask how old you are?

  2. Every year I try to talk my husband into a vacation instead of Christmas presents! Sounds more fun to me.

    Poor Gabby! Puking is the worst in my book.

  3. Wow...I really admire your strength. I read your blog and think about how I would handle my 4.5 yr old being so sick. I would not handle it with the grace you do.

  4. Poor little thing looks just pitiful. I'll say it again--cancer sucks.

    I am insanely jealous that you have a farmer's market like that. In December.

  5. Just wanted to send that little sausage a great big bear hug xxxx

  6. Oooh, we have the same running shoes, exactly. I need cool socks now so I can be just like you.

    Poor Gabby, puking sucks.

  7. Truly breaks my heart to see that picture.

    I hope she is better comes Christmas morning.

    This sucks. Big time.
    She will beat it. Hang on to that.

  8. Man, she looks pooped. I hope she is feeling better now. That pic bums me out.

    And yes, choices a 5 year old should not have to make.

  9. Ugh, Poor Gabby. She's too cute to have to deal with all of this. :(

    Get #1 a hat with ears!

    I finished my shopping tonight - now I must wrap.

    You won't be surprised at all that I have no idea what satsumas are. I probably didn't even need to tell you I don't know what that is. I'm so ashamed.

    Leaves on a tree - I'd say that's a first, but then I guess that is kind of normal for a tree.... just maybe not a Christmas tree!

  10. this was free and fun

    Maybe it will make Gabby feel a bit better

  11. Poor Gabby. I hope this phase doesn't last too long?
    Next year, a trip is indeed in order. We are doing that but I still slipped and got the hubs a couple things. It's hard.

  12. Hope Gabby feels better ASAP. F-ing chemo meds. Hoping for a happy & healthy-ish (as much as our kids can be) Christmas!

  13. So glad to hear you are back to running PAIN FREE.

    I love going to the Farmers Market. Last weekend we picked up a ton of citrus :)

    Oh Gabby, my heart breaks for her (and you & your family) :(

  14. Hi Heather,

    Thanks for your wonderful review of our technology. We're excited to hear that you are enjoying your Celliant gear and if you or any of your readers have a question about us, please feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook page. (

    Wishing you a wonderful holidays and I especially liked the Christmas pics!

    David & the Celliant Social Media Team


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