Monday, January 31, 2022

Banff Marathon Training - Week 3 PFTW

 Last week...

Drove up to Lake Pflugerville to run my "long" lol run with my running group friends, and drop by Target since I was "in town". It took me five minutes to de-ice my windshield before driving there, and by the end I felt overdressed in my long capris and tank. 

We did 80/20 intervals, because one of us read a book and now want to experiment with different intervals. Didn't love it, but wasn't the worst, so... 

I registered for a couple things this spring to fill in my training plan - Wanderlust Half Marathon and (take 2) Wildflower 25k. I live about 10 minutes away from the park that hosts Wildflower, so it'd be crazy not to do it?

This week...

Monday, January 24, 2022

Banff Marathon Training - Week 2 PFTW

I'm kicking off a new marathon training cycle, and remembering that I find this format really helpful in keeping track of how things are progressing, how I'm feeling, and what I love/hate about it all. I missed it during Columbia Gorge training, and Strava just isn't the same for me. 

I left my running group when I moved far, far away, so I've built my own training plan based mostly on the Run Less, Run Faster plan. I enjoy the lower overall mileage, and intentionality of each run, and hoping I'm not misremembering that. That plan is only 16 weeks, so I'm spending the next six weeks as "base building" and strength, before really kicking things off at the beginning of March. 

Last week... 

  • Mon: Travel day, 3.5 easy
  • Fri: 2 miles easy
  • Sun: 3M Half, which, despite the tagline being "Downhill to Downtown" is actually very hilly. I've run this race a few times now, and actually really enjoy it. I enjoy it much more when there are several booze stops on the way to the finish line. This is when we realized we were about to get our first shot of the day.

For this week... 



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