Tuesday, December 13, 2011

“Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life..."

First things first. I went with the black tights and black boot. I really, REALLY (shockingly) loved the look of the red shoe with the black tights, but I couldn't walk in it. My foot kept sliding. I'm too dumb to dress up, folks, is really the message here.


Anyway, winner. Thanks!


Something a little different on the blog..... helpful tips. I know, who knew, right!?

Between working, parenting, wife-ing, cooking, awesome-ing, sometime running, fro-yoing, and shopping, it's important to me to keep a balance in all aspects of my life. Some ways I do this...

1. Don't sweat the small stuff. Learn to prioritize, to be flexible, and when to let things go. If you miss a run, move on. It's not the end of the world. Just make your next work out EXTRA sweaty.

2. Make conscious choices, so you can indulge later. This is key for me, and I apply it across the board, not just to eating. I know I'm asking The H for a lot for Christmas - so I'm keeping my list of demands otherwise very short.

3. Learn to say no. And not feel guilty about it. We are just people. As much as we want to be super heroes... we're human, and can't do ALL THE THINGS. Sometimes, you've just got to let something go, and move on. You do what you can.

4. ....and to contradict that, I also advocate DOING a LOT of things. Life is about moments, experiences - if you get so mired down in the day to day, you lose sight of the fun things you could be doing. Don't forget to fit in fun things. I guess this ties back to prioritizing. Is it the end of the world if laundry isn't done for a few more days, if it means you go to an awesome cookie exchange? Probably not. I bet those cookies will be delicious.

5. Finally, and in my opinion, MOST importantly. Stop. Focus. Enjoy what you have and who you have around you. I don't care how rough things are for you, I promise, there are things to be grateful for. Most of you know how rough this year has been - leukemia, job loss, pay cuts, etc etc. It has also been one of the BEST years of my life. I've found great friends. I've found a purpose to my running. I've found a strength in myself, my family, my marriage that wasn't there before. I've found great blessings. It could have so, so easily gone the other way... but only if I let it. And I didn't. Find something to be grateful for. It's there.


  1. You look fabulous in that dress! I can't walk in heels either.

    I really liked the sharing you did at the end. :)

  2. Great choice on the dress/tights. You are such a strong lady--never fails to impress me. Love your tips, especially the part about saying NO!

  3. Love the dress! I'm sure it would've matched with any of your shoe choices really well!

    Thanks for those tips. I always need to remind myself of these things. Life is so busy but it's nice to slow down and enjoy every minute of it.

  4. These are great Heather. So helpful to have an action plan for the holidays!

  5. You are a smart, smart ladyfriend of mine. And hot.

  6. Great post!! I just need to remember these things!

  7. You still looked awesome...even if your foot kept sliding :P I am too dumb to dress up, too.

    Love your balance message :)

  8. love the outfit! Great tips, I'm all about the conscious choices!

  9. Ha! We had such similar vibes to our blog posts today!

    I'd tell you that you look awesome, but we know I can't see the photo. Either way, I'm sure you do in fact look awesome!

  10. Love the advice and love the dress!

  11. That dress looks awesome!!! And I think your hair looks great, but can't tell from the angle.

    As for the rest. Totally agree. Love it.

  12. Beautifully said! I just recently said no to a request and as hard as it was I was very proud of myself for listing to my gut and my needs and not getting sucked into others demands.

  13. Great dress!! And awesome list - especially #1!!
    Found your blog via FF =) Looking forward to following you as a fellow ambassador!

  14. Great post.

    I have a hard time remembering not to sweat the small stuff.

  15. life is about moments! this is so true!! thank you for that sweet reminder heather.

  16. This is a great list... all of it is so true!!


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