Wednesday, March 31, 2010

“This has to be one of the craziest things i've had to do.”

Every time I look at this thing, I start laughing maniacally.

I signed up for Warrior Dash.

According to their website (which, you really should read, 'cause the FAQ's are maybe the funniest I've ever seen, ever)....
"Warrior Dash is the ULTIMATE EVENT for thrill-seeking athletes. This running series is held on the nation's most demanding and unique terrain. Participants will conquer extreme obstacles and celebrate their feat with music, beer, warrior helmets and muddy shorts."

Let's break this down a little bit, for clarity...
"Warrior Dash is the ULTIMATE EVENT for thrill-seeking athletes"

Note the "thrill-seeking" and "athletes"... I am certainly not the former, and generally not the latter.

"Demanding and unique terrain"

I am from Florida, originally, and now live in SoCal. I signed up to do the Denver race, which is, as I'm sure you know, the Mile High City.

What does this mean?


I mean, I quit hiking once at 5,500 feet because it was rough. Apparently, this course starts at something like 8,000 feet.


"conquer extreme obstacles"

Which, apparently, include things like junker jump, where you "clamber over rusted wreckage"

And yet, all of this is negated by....
music, beer, warrior helmets and muddy shorts.

Free beer? That was all it took, and I was recruiting people.

I'm easy.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else."

I had a pretty simple goal to Suck Less this year. I mean, really, it's not that hard to do, right? Just do ONE teeny thing better, and you've already accomplished it!

I've been pretty bummy lately... March was The Month of Sucking More. Gym was a fail, work was pretty sucky, frugality was non-existent. It was a pretty rough time, overall. I mean, Cruising with Snork was awesome, but the rest of the month? Suck.

So, right now, I'm going to to focus on what hasn't sucked this month. Focus on the little things, and eventually, they add up, right?

Awesome recent events, things, thoughts, etc:

REI dividends went out last week, along with the member 20% off coupon.... which equals new hiking shoes for me! Woot!They're actually trail running shoes, because I have this idea that I might... run? On trails? Laughable, I realize, but it could happen.
But they're pretty rad. I think. I haven't tried them out yet, 'cause I just got them yesterday, but I wore them to work today (yes, they looked at me funny), and I think we have a winner!

We went to Disneyland a few weekends ago, and it.was.packed. We did hit up King Arthur's Carousel, which Baby is a big fan of....
She suddenly decided - despite dozens of previous rides - that she's terrified of Pirates of the Caribbean.... Sigh. She'll have to just suffer, 'cause I heart that one. She'll get over it, right?

I mentioned before that I found this super rad farmers market, really close to my house, with all types of locally grown goodies... such as these blue pumpkins.
I have no clue what they taste like, if they're worth trying, but I love finding fun, new produce, particularly if it's a fun color... like blue.

I finally got some decent hiking in last weekend. The H and I hit the Laurel Canyon trail at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. It isn't my most favorite trail ever, but it's close, and parking is $3 (vs. $15 at Crystal Cove - which IS my fave). The good news is, it's wildflower season, so even this mediocre hike was saved by... POPPIES!!
I cannot express, in words, how much I adore poppies. For no real reason, really, but they look so fresh, and happy, all floating about colorful-like.

I also found these super pretty things, which are apparently called Lupines? Thanks, random hiking dude.
I'm trying to get out to Joshua Tree this weekend, so hopefully the flowers will still be in bloom, and my shoes will be awesome!

My friend Squirrel has booked a trip for Weekend of Awesome Part 2 in May... I couldn't be more psyched about that!

I actually made my lunch at work, even though I really, REALLY wanted to buy something warm and toasty off of the lunch truck today. Instead, I chowed down on some salad and half a turkey sandwich on wheat. Downside to this, is after tomorrow my heavenly goat cheese will be gone. Upside, it gives me a reason to hit the farmers market this weekend.

I'm going to post out here, for the world (or, like, all 10 of you reading this, including my sister) to see.... tomorrow, I am Gymming with Snork.... Thursday too. But Friday, and any other day that I can't (kidlet issues), I will pack my gym stuff, and ACTUALLY use it during my lunch hour. It's a radical idea, I know, but it could just work. I mean, that 5K isn't gonna run itself, right?!

Suck less, Heather. Suck.Less.

Monday, March 22, 2010

“Joy is not in things; it is in us”

Cheesy, I know. But. Sometimes it helps to be reminded.

We found out last weekend (while I was cruising) that The H's job is being eliminated, sometime between May and July. The good news is, he'd be eligible for unemployment (woohoo?).

So, my frugality stint that had been sort of a game for me previously, is back with a vengence today. I'm eating a super awesome turkey sandwich on wheat, no mayo. If I'd packed smarter, I'd have had lettuce and goat cheese on it, but I forgot both at home. Sigh.

Cable is still gone, so nothing has changed there, except I realized I don't miss it, and all of my panicking when we dropped it was for naught!

In recent awesome news...

I discovered the most awesome farmers market near UCI. It had a great variety of organic/non-organic produce - most of it grown locally. Some of the smaller vendors seemed like they do grow organically, just haven't been certified. There was a chick selling fresh garlic and herb goat cheese... which was pretty heavenly. Fresh baguettes, grass-fed beef... all pretty great.

And then there was this beauty.

Quite honestly, the hats were weird, but not anything too exciting... and then I saw The Face. And I had to have a picture to share. And dude... the chick running the booth?! You would have thought I whipped out a crochet hook and started dismantling her hats right there, with the fit she threw about me taking that picture. Honestly, had she just been like, "Hey, could you not?"... this picture would have been deleted. However, she was a bitch, and now, this picture graces everything I can think of to post it on.

Cruising last weekend was super awesome, and Snork was heaps of fun. Plus, she brought the rum, so... Kisses! Someday I'll post pics.

I took kidlets to Dland Sunday and renewed my annual pass. For just $18 a month, I can enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth every day, excpet black out dates! Woot!

It's springtime in SoCal, which means it's wildflower season! I haven't gotten to get much hiking in lately, since it was raining, and raining, and then cruising, etc. We did hit Caspers Wilderness park this past weekend, and I think we're doing Crystal Cove next weekend, so I'm pretty psyched. Baby was NOT a good hiker at Caspers, though, so we may have to stay away from the Wilderness Park until she learns that she cannot, in fact, run ahead in a park with mountain lions. I know, I'm a mean mommy.

Sprouts has berries on sale this week... Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries... all for $1.49 a container! Sweet! I'm eating blueberries currently like my life depends on it.

I have kind of sucked at gym going. Which is exponentially suckier, considering the amount of food consumed over Cruise weekend. Tomorrow, though. Tomorrow. That gym is my bitch.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

“In the name of the hungry, of the naked, of the crippled, of the homeless, of the blind, in their name, I accept the award.”

My friend Snork at Once upon a Snork gave me an award, which she rightfully predicted, I LOVE. I might even make her some cookies :)
So, the deal is that I have to spill 10 things that people probably don't know about me.

I'll try, but the truth is, I'm painfully boring most of the time. But, we can give it a shot, yes?

1. I read Gone with the Wind in 4th Grade. My gifted class was watching the movie, and it bored me, so... I read the book. I don't know that it's age appropriate, or that I really "got it", but... I read that sucker, cover to cover.

2. I haven't been my "natural" hair color in almost 18 years. I don't even remember what it really is. I once colored my hair a color that I *thought* was close.... then the roots started growing in. Not close, not at all.

3. I have an unnatural hatred of all chicks named "Jennifer". Sorry, it's nothing personal.

4. I am still not sure that I want to have kids. (did I say that out loud?)

5. I once went hiking in a super, super scary valley, that was all overgrown with trees, and there were caves, and THINGS stomping about in the woods, and scary. I would have taken pictures, because it was REALLY pretty, but I literally thought I was going to die, and I never, ever went back to that spot again.

6. I love organizing pot-lucks at work, because I get first dibs at bringing "Drinks!".

7. I'd like to be a chef, instead of a Customer Service Manager.

8. I joined the Marine Biology Club AND took marine biology my senior year in high school because they went on the most field trips.

9. I really like my IL's, despite the hassle I give The H about them ;).

10. I had to take Personal Fitness twice in high school becuase I failed the first time.

There you have it - 10 random facts about me!

In other, super SUPER awesome news, Snork and I are CRUISING this weekend! 36 hours from now, I intend to be waist deep in margaritas and floating in a hot tub!!!

I've also graduated to week 4 of the Couch 2 5K program. I registered for the Corona Del Mar 5K in June, and that race? Is gonna be my bish. Yep.

I found a neat farmers market near my house that is open on Saturday's, instead of weird things like Tuesday or Wednesday - I'm pretty psyched about that.

Some big changes happened for me at work the last few weeks, and it seems like it's for the better... it's an exciting challenge :)

Anyway, I'll pass this baby along to... Random Apples :)


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