Friday, April 1, 2011

March Rewind, and a whine

I'm a poet, you see how I made that rhyme?

So, March was interesting. I took a "rest" week following the Princess Half, and took another 10 days off due to The Ankle. Despite missing half of the month (!!), I ended up with 44 miles run, out of 71 scheduled.

But, the last two weeks of runs have been GOOD. I've felt great, and strong, and am getting a handle on this pacing business. I added some speed work and hill training, and rocked both. So, I'll take it.

I'm scheduled for 66.5 in April, which includes a week of taper before the PCRF Cinco De Mayo half on May 1.

Suck Less Program was AWESOME. I test out on Saturday, so I'll have an update next week on my progress, but... It's significant. :D Jess at Blonde Ponytail/ suggested a Suck Less Challenge - any takers? I'll organize for April starting Monday if there's interest!

Scheduled for 11 Suck Less Program workouts in March, and hit all 11.


Anyone in OC or LA not already registered for the PCRF Cinco De Mayo half/5K, there's a fab deal on Plum District for half off of the 5K registration! Link HERE.


And, anyone in OC/San Diego free this weekend, check out this run for a great cause... Operation Jack/Autism Awareness Day at the ACT! Today for Military Families 5k/10k. If you can't participate, consider donating! Link HERE.

**warning. whining ahead**

I posted earlier this week about my spring break plans. Or lack of. I checked with our case manager at the hospital to see what she thought of our plans (basically if they were approved), or if she had any suggestions.

And the list of things that she DENIED was like... never ending.

No beach. No ocean. No camping. No Yosemite. No Sequoia. No boats. No Catalina.

Our basic rule of thumb is, we have to stay close, for hospital access.

I don't know why that didn't even occur to me. I mean, what would I even do if Gab had a fever and we're hanging out in the middle of the giant trees?

Then I felt like the crappiest parent EVER. I mean, we were sent home with a BOOK on how to care for her, what to watch for. There's a list of things that we need to be aware of, that lead to immediate hospitalization. As much as I might like to, I can't just treck off with them to the middle of the woods for a weekend.

It's like I forgot what is happening.

She has leukemia. She doesn't have a cold. It's not going to get better because she had a couple of treatments. It's... leukemia.

And that point was drilled home yesterday following her clinic visit.

Her treatments this cycle were going to be progressively increased at each visit - provided her counts were high enough. And she's responded really well to everything so far.

Except this visit. This visit, her counts are a little low. She couldn't get the upped dosage. Her ANC (link HERE for explanation of what that is) went down, significantly.

I've been very careful to NOT compare her to other kids, to not freak out about what if's. I suppose that's very easy to do, when comparatively, her treatment has been smooth sailing, and she's responded astoundingly well to all of it. And it still mostly is, there's nothing super alarming going on, but... that tiny bump.

We're not out of the woods. We can't do whatever we want. Life's not... normal.

So. Looks like San Diego Zoo. As a day trip, 'cause... I refuse to pay full price for a hotel and don't want to risk Hotwiring something we can't use "in case".

Le Sigh.


  1. Love ya Babe!! You rock. You have so much to deal with and you handle it like a complete trooper. You are definitely a role model.

    I think San Diego Zoo or even Disneyland sounds great for Spring Break!


  2. :( At least the zoo is cool! I mean I'd LOVE to go to the San Diego Zoo! They'll have fun, even though you aren't stuck camping without showers, toilets, beds, running water, internet, tv ... no, seriously ... the zoo is the best option here!

    I like that you have your miles planned ahead of time. I haven't thought of doing that. Tonight I will layout April and see how well I can stick to it! Thanks for inspiring me to do it!

  3. Yeah, it may not be TOTALLY awesome, but the fact that you can day trip to San Diego IS. : )

  4. You are totally inspiring and I'd love to do a suck less challenge with ya! I'm currently training for the kalamazoo half in may in honour of my niece (4yrs) who is also battling leukemia. It's her strength and fight that makes me run harder - her and little girls like yours inspire me! I hope you reach all your april miles!!

  5. Great job with the Suck Less program! That's awesome. I can't wait to hear how you did.

    That is so disappointing about spring break. I hope her numbers improve before her next appointment.

  6. Nice work with the suck less program! It obviously lived up to it's name.

    however, that DOES suck more about the restriction. A lot. :(


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