Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday should learn to be better

Last Week Recap...
Hit all of my scheduled miles (17).
Swapped out hills for speed work and it was SO FUN.
3 days of the Suck Less Program
Here's a shocker... I WENT TO YOGA!! It's a Mind/Body for Runners class for the PCRF VIP (ie, Fundraiser) team at a local 24 Hour, at 6am Wednesday. It's really a great class. It's just so freaking early. But I did it. Finally.

The Good
My Thursday Run was SO AWESOME. I posted about this last week, but I'm still stoked about it.
The yoga class felt GOOD. My hamstrings have been tight, and they were TIRED after this.
I know Adidas isn't a big player in the running world, but they are one of the sponsors for PCRF's VIP team, and they've hooked us up with some shoes once we hit a certain fundraising goal. I've been wearing them for my shorter runs during the week, and... so far I love them. Plus, it's an excellent compiment to a grey running skirt I picked up for cheap a few weeks ago.
I've COMPLETED THE SQUATS CHALLENGE! Last night was exhaustion test night, and I did all 200 squats. Done! Next up: Adding hand weights. Hm.
#2 beat The H in Rock Band or something. More than once. She's a pro.


And, I'm a baker genius. Mint Chocolate Cupcakes. These were seriously maybe the BEST cupcake I've ever had, ever.
Obviously decorating is not my strong suit, but... at least they TASTE good.

The Bad
My Tuesday run was pretty crap-tastic, for no real reason. Just.. bleh.
My Long Run sucked hard. It was 40* when I was getting ready, and overcast, so I dressed for that. By the time I was about 3 miles in, it was BLAZING SUN and 55*. I was sweating. A lot. And by 7 miles, it was overcast and breezy again, and now I'm sweaty, wet, and COLD. Eff you, weather.
My pace was also too fast. I was about 50 sec faster than my long run pace should have been. That included a 5 minute break to walk slowly and text The H about how stupid and miserable it was. I just wanted to be DONE.
The training run goes directly past my house. I can literally see where I live, and it took everything in me not to just walk home.

What's on tap for this week?
Monday: Suck Less Program
Tuesday: 5 mile tempo
Wednesday: Yoga (maybe?), Suck Less Program
Thursday: 5 mile hills
Friday: Suck Less Program
Saturday: 10 miles sloooow


  1. The weather has just been all around stupid lately. I'm ready for REAL spring.

    Mint cupcakes????? YUM!!!

  2. please share this cupcake recipe. asap.

    thank you :)

    adidas makes all of my schools athletic apparel, and everything i've bought has been fabulous

  3. I agree. eff you weather

    I like all the goods of the week, free gear is always a nice bonus

  4. Um yeah...gonna need that recipe..
    10 miles sloooow=awesome

  5. I really wish I ate chocolate. I would want to devour that whole plate if I did. I LOVE mint and chocolate together!

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