Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Things Thursday, Random Style

1. After my Tuesday run, I feel like... maybe, maybe I can stick that 2:20 goal pace. Splits: 11:09, 11;23, 9:45, 10:22.

9:45???? I don't even know how that happened.

2. Just checked the browser history on my kids' computer. Someone, yesterday, was searching for "How to sabotage parents", and "How to ruin someones life". Um...

3. Royal wedding? Meh. But shuttle launch on Friday? Psyched. I'll be live streaming NASA TV.


  1. Oh my goodness on #2!!!! Interesting!!!

    I am with you on the royal wedding

  2. Yes, yes, you can stick to a 2:20 goal pace!

  3. #2 is really funny! I could see my youngest doing that.

    Love that you're bucking the trend and going for the shuttle.

  4. #1 Great job on your splits!
    #3 Enjoy the launchy goodness!

  5. If someone looked at my search history I'd be in trouble, but I use google to tell me how to spell words. Weird words.

  6. Google searches-yikes!!

    Good job on your run--looks like you have 9:45's in you!! Holla!

  7. 1-NICE 9:45!!
    2-what the what??
    3-nerd... :)

  8. LMAO. Your kids should be savvy enough to delete browser history :D :D

    You are sooo gonna rock this 1/2 this weekend!!!

  9. Awesome splits!!
    Debating on that little wedding watch or not to watch?!? ;)

  10. You can do iiiiiiiiittttt!

    As for the shuttle launch - me too! My coworker is down there now to watch b/c her bro-in-law is on the shuttle & is going to walk!! so cool!

  11. I hope you're sleeping with one eye open these days! ;)


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