Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. What are you doing February 11, 2012? Registration is only $40 for the half, but I think it goes up tomorrow....

2. I'm meeting the very pregnant Snork at the gym tonight for some treadmill time. I'm scheduled for 5 miles SPEED WORK. Anyone done speedwork on the treadmill?? How does that go for you?

3. Check out my sidebar for a couple of fun virtual races coming up! I'm a sucker for these things :D


  1. I use the treadmill for my 400s. It works!

  2. 1. I think I will have to register.
    2. I haven't done speedwork in ages. Maybe that is why I'm getting slower. (PS, send me a pic of snork :D )
    3. I like virtual races too!!

  3. If I wasn't planning to do WDW in January I would seriously consider the mermaid!

  4. funderson has mad skills at treadmill speedwork.
    I'm all over the jelly bean race, although I swore them off a while ago...

  5. Yeah, the treadmill is the only place I do official speed work because otherwise I never know how far or how fast I'm going.
    My unofficial speedwork is chasing JessiePants up hills...freaking works great!

  6. i love speedwork on the treadmill. It goes by fast and you can really nail your speed! Hope it was a great sweat session.

  7. I ran the Mermaid Half this year and had a good time. Definitely a small race, and you're running in a park amongst a bunch of pedestrians the second half, but it was well-run and I had a good time.


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