Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo Friday

Waiting for our nurse at CHOC yesterday. There, like, aren't even words. She looks so content and peaceful.


So, she didn't need a transfusion. In fact, her numbers were OUTSTANDING. I think the best they've been yet. So, in return, she got a super high dosage of chemo. That ought knock her around a bit. Sigh.

WWYD, Spring Break edition...

San Diego Zoo

or Sea World?


  1. You're right. She really does. She looks beautiful.

    Those two options are tough. Depends on how warm it is, I guess! :)

  2. YAY for the great numbers!!!

    I vote Seaworld!!!

  3. Hooray for great numbers! She does look really content.

    Those are two fun options for spring break. I don't think you can go wrong with either one. We went to Seaworld on a kind of cold day and it was awesome, but I think it would have been a little better with warmer weather.

  4. Never been to SeaWorld, but we love the San Diego Zoo.

  5. She is beautiful!!! Great news on the numbers.

    That's a tough one. I've been to our zoo recently so I'd probably vote Sea World.

  6. What a sweet picture. I vote for Sea World. I haven't been in a really, really long time (like 15 years) but it was always one of my favorite places as a kid.

  7. She is so adorable. Hmm... I think both are fantastic so it's really a win either way. Take lots of pictures!

  8. Tug at my heart strings, that little girl is more stoic than I could ever hope to be. Hope that she is feeling okay.
    I would say zoo, but I am a former zookeeper and could be seen as partial...

  9. Must be so nice to have "outstanding" numbers!

    Sea World or the zoo ... that's a tough one!

  10. this is such good news! YEA! ANd she is just so beautiful.
    I'd go for the zoo.


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