Monday, April 4, 2011

Last week was....


Again, I didn't do yoga, but instead foam rolled and got a massage. I should do yoga. It's free.

I used my "Magic Mile" time to determine my training run paces, and stuck to them like glue. My "easy" run Tuesday was negative splits (fun!). I did some treadmill intervals Thursday that were less fun, but challenging and kept me engaged. However... I think I took it TOO easy. I think my "Magic Mile" was done under the wrong circumstances - I wasn't feuled properly, I didn't warm up, and I picked a hilly route. I think I can do better. So, this week's easy run Tuesday will incorporate another "Magic Mile".

My long run Saturday was 8.5 miles with the PCRF training group, and nothing short of magical. Perfect. The best run you can imagine. No, seriously.

Plan for this week: Monday: Suck Less Program Tuesday: 4 mile tempo Wednesday: Suck Less Program, Yoga (hahaaa) Thursday: 4 mile speed work Friday: Suck Less Program Saturday: 9 miles with PCRF

Oh. PS. I had my highest mileage week ever last week. 20.6 miles.

Week 4, complete!

So, the Suck Less Program is a combination of the Two Hundred Sit Ups, Two Hundred Squats, One Hundred Push Ups, and plank.

The programs call for an initial test, before you start, to determine your specific routine. My initial test was pretty ugly:

Sit Ups - 17
Push Ups - 3
Squats - 27


After week 2, you test again to determine how you continue in the program.
Sit Ups - 27
Push Ups - 10
Squats - 70


And, the results after testing out following week four?
Sit Ups - 40
Push Ups - 27
Squats - 125

You know that's right.

Anyway, the deal is, three times a week, following a set schedule of push ups, sit ups, and squats, then I add a minute of plank. At the end of the program, you should be able to do 200 squats, 200 sit ups, and 100 push ups in one shot.

4 weeks, three days a week.

Who's in?!


  1. I want to suck less!!

    I want to be able to do at least one push up without looking like a total fool!

  2. I'm IN! And I'm gonna do real pushups this time, not sissy girly ones.

    Also, I <3 that photo. :D

  3. Way to go!
    I'm definitley in with the "Suck Less Challenge." Lets do this!
    Also, I saw your photo of rolling your leg with the rolling pin. You should look into a product called the Stick. It's kinda flexible, but can help roll out muscles in place that the foam roller has a more difficult time with. Anyway, just thought I'd share.
    I hope your little one (and your whole family) are doing well!

  4. I'm interested in this, but also soooooo lazy (it's sad).

  5. Good night!!! That is an everloving SOCK-load of push ups/ ONE day? No way,'re on your own in this one. : )

  6. Wow you've made awesome progress so far! If I wasn't so darn lazy I'd join you...

  7. oh my, i love this challenge!!! i've been working on improving my push-ups and squats, this sounds perfect! and i think i wouldn't be able to walk for weeks if i did 125 squats lol.

    so, i'm confused.. is this your challenge? is there an original post about it you could point me toward?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. okay, I'm going to give it a whirl. Pushups are my weakness!


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