Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Twelve (or thirteen)

1. I took #1 for FroYo and a book shopping expedition Sunday. Books - unsuccessful, she was being picky and shot herself in the foot because she was stubbornly holding on to the most expensive book she could find, and wouldn't settle for less. She's 12. I guess that's normal? Seems irrational.

2. When we sat down to eat our yogurt, there was this furry spider on the wall INCHES FROM ME.


3. If you know me, you know I hate spiders. Hate. But #1 was laughing at me, so I stuck it out. And ate my frozen yogurt (that's half coconut with strawberries, banana, kiwi, and more coconut, and the other half is coffee with chocolate chips, which was heaven. HEAVEN.)


4. But then I lost visual on the spider. I freaked out. #1 was laughing, some more. I may have said something about how it's vital to maintain visual and keep your enemies close. But I didn't see it. So I went to take another bite.

5. Until I saw something MOVE ON MY LAP.

6. Damn spider. We had to move tables entirely. I was retreating.

7. Anyway. I made some Plátanos Maduros this weekend. Love.


Cuban food is one thing I *do* miss about living in Florida.

8. We went swimming. It was hot this weekend, I don't know if I mentioned that...


Of note, Gabby's hair is growing back in... black? Weird.

9. Well, by we, I mean The H took #2 and #3. I was still feeling a bit pukey after the hottest 10 miler ever. And #1 took advantage of that by watching Ghost Adventures with me.

10. We also played Candyland. I might have had The H stack the deck.


11. Rose challenged everyone to do 26.2 pushups yesterday. I kicked that goal right in the face and did 97. The Suck Less Challenge is back on. And then I collapsed on to the ground. But not before showing off the hint of muscle. 6 weeks, and this is what I've got?! I'll take it... I guess.


12. What else did I kick right in the face? My $2000 fundraising goal!


You can still donate, HERE!

13. That Run Disney annoucement? Underwhelming. But I'm in anyway. Because (a) it's local, and (b) I cannot resist Disney. Who else is in?!

And, hey, Don't forget to enter my Giveaway HERE! Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Ugh. I am the same way with spiders. Blech. I'm not too psyched about the new race, but I'll sign up. You know how much I like to race, and January races are non-existent in Colorado.

    Your bicep?? HOT!!

  2. I agree with Becka, about your bicep. Time for a picture in focus to show us what you've really got!

    We have a new froyo place here in my small town. Been there 2x this week already. How long does it take to make a habit?

  3. I am allergic to bug bites, I would have moved right away

    That yougurt treat looks sooooo good!!!!

  4. Nice face kicking!! Yeah..
    P.S. You're freaking buff

  5. thats awesome! the fundraiser money, not the spider. haha. I hate spiders too!

  6. That frozen yogurt looks so good.

    Wow! Nice job on those pushups!

  7. Ok - about the hair - that happened to my father after his last round of chemo. Crazy! But his hair is darker now than it's ever been!

  8. I was freaked out about that spider for you! Creepy creeperson .... especially since it was fuzzy!

    My boss had breast cancer. Prior to cancer she had darn brown hair. It grew back in white/blond! She looks cute both ways, so that's nice.... and the same for Gabby!


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