Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly recap

Last week? Was apparently the week of sucking more. (TWSS)

I did hit all of my miles. After consistently running 11:30-12 min miles for months, my two 5-milers were well under 11. My long run... well.

The first half was perfect. I was comfortably running the pace I'd like to keep for the PCRF half. Then we turned around, and were running into the sun, and I fell apart.

It was a million degrees, no shade, and the sun was relentless. And my pace dropped from 11-min miles to 12-12:30.

It. was. so. hot. and. miserable.

I test-ran my outfit for race day, and it worked, so there's that?

Then yesterday, threw in another 1.15 miles to hit my highest mileage week ever.

I did ZERO cross training. No Suck Less Program. No yoga. Nothing. I was exhausted all week, and just couldn't get it together.

Oh well. Moving on...
Monday: Suck Less Program
Tuesday: 4 mile tempo
Wednesday: Yoga, Suck Less Program
Thursday: 4 miles speed work
Friday: Suck Less Program
Saturday: 6 miles (Hellooooo, taper!)
Sunday: rest


Anyway, like all of you, I'm watching the Boston Marathon today... This Desiree chick is killing it.


  1. just realized desi is from michigan! super cool! bummed that she just barely missed first, but she's still awesome awesome awesome.

  2. I totally stalked Boston on the internet today. It was awesome! those elite runners are beyond amazing!!

  3. Way to get your run in anyway!! When I go back to NE for the summer, I have to adjust to the humidity and heat--makes us tougher right?! And dehydrated!

    SUCK LESS program--can I join after my mary?!! I freaking love this title!


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