Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I am a moron. I think, that I think if I *will* it to be warm and spring-like, that it suddenly will be. Which is how I end up walking out of my house in a tank top and skirt and sandals, and it's 50*. Dumb.

2. I do look cute and springy, though. And I love my shoes.

3. Gabby's chemo Monday seems to have been pretty rough on her this week. :(


Gald I didn't book that spring break trip.


  1. I ran in similar clothing in similar weather the other day. then again, i live in michigan, so 50 is quite warm at this time of the year. my body is acclimatized to 30 degree weather still.

    Poor Gabby! :( Hopefully she feels better soon!

  2. #1...50 is rocking good weather for sandals and skirts!
    #2...cute and springy=awesome
    #3...That picture breaks my heart a little=sucky

  3. #1 Agree with funderson, I'm pining for 50's...
    #3 So sorry for Gabby, much love to her.

  4. Sorry Gabby isn't feeling well this week. :( Hugs to her!

  5. I wish it would get to the 50s here and stay

    A little hug and smile for gabby to help her feel better

  6. Who can blame you? It's high time spring got here, right?

    Poor Gabby...hope she feels better asap!

  7. Sorry Gabby isn't feeling well this round. :( Sweet little monkey.

  8. Poor little Gabby, lot's of easy hugs for her.

  9. 50 is definitely spring weather!:) for me and I would totally be rocking short sleeves and sandals!!:)

    Hope Gabby feels better!

  10. I hope Gabby feels better soon. That is a sad little face but I bet that Mickey blanket helps her feel better. I tried the shorts for a couple days but am now back to jeans. Maybe we'll be back in shorts soon. I hope!

  11. The weather this year is just plain stupid. Don't even get me started. And Gabs just looks so sad in that picture. I hope she feels better soon. ((hugs))

  12. The weather is pretty much continually pissing me off every day. And that picture makes me sad.


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