Monday, April 11, 2011

April Suck Less Challenge, week 2

What's the Suck Less Challenge? Link HERE!

Check-in time!

Hit all of my scheduled days last week! How'd you do?

For some perspective, these are 6 week programs, and I've been doing them for 5 weeks now. However, because I *STILL* have crapola's worth of core and upper body strength, I just completed week 4 of sit ups and push ups. I've repeated a few weeks.

And that's totally cool! That's the best thing about this program, for me, is that it's super flexible. I like flexible.

Anyway, I was on week 4 for sit ups and push ups, and week 5 for squats, so I was scheduled for an exhaustion test this weekend, in all three.

Results: 51 sit ups 33 push ups 200 squats!!!!


So, I get to move on to week 5 for sit ups and push ups (woo hoo?). Squats, I'm going to continue to do with The H (he's on week 6 now), but adding some small hand weights. Adventure is my middle name.

And, check this out! They've added a One Fifty Dips workout to the party!

My initial test for these puppies was a sad, lonely little 4. Ouch. So, I'll be adding these to the mix.

Can't wait to see how you all did! Have a great week!


  1. I LOVE dips! Oh, wait...THAT kind of, really though, I do like doing those. You're killing me though with all of your Suck Less goals/challenges. I guess I'd better get started....

  2. This challenge is how I found your blog! ashley (redonkulous runner) posted about it and i was immediately though 'that's probably perfect for absolutely zero upper body strength me')

    i'm excited to start it! (although i'll be a week late ;))

    and PCRF is actually one of the charities i've donated to in the past! the lead singer of jack's mannequin had ALL and created a foundation whose proceeds benefit PCRF.

  3. I'm thinking that the Suck Less Challenge will only help me in my first half marathon in June so I will be downloading the apps to my iTouch and starting the programs tonight!

  4. i FINALLY got around to doing my initial tests and i'm all on board now.

  5. I keep sucking. I mean I haven't even pulled my head out of my ass to start. May will be my month! Even if you don't do it in May, I will do my best to give it a go!

  6. I really SUCK - I haven't even done the initial tests. My goal is a May start for the Suck Less program as I'm taking part in a city wide cleanse starting May 1 and then my 1/2 is May 8th. Is there really an app for it as mentioned above by KT?


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