Thursday, April 7, 2011

TTT, I'm exhausted edition

1. Yesterday, I managed to drag myself out of bed at too effing early o'clock, and get to Mind/Body for Runners at 24 Hour. I love the class. I love the stretching - it's a mixture of yoga and pilates, for... runners. It's great. But it's. so. early. *yawn*

2. #1, previously known as my "good" child, has snapped. I think all the stress from the last several months has just caught up with her, and she's damn unpleasant. I'm trying really hard to be understanding, but balancing that with assuring her that disrespect and rudeness are not allowed, ever. It's exhausting. *yawn*

3. Last night I was scheduled for a round of the Suck Less Program. It was SO HARD last night, and I couldn't figure out why it was kicking my butt so hard. Then I added up how many crunches, push ups, and squats I did.

259 squats, 170 crunches, 113 pushups.

No wonder I was exhausted, head to toe. *Yawn*

Is anyone else having issues with Blogger?! It keeps unformatting my posts. Not cute for the exhausted mind!


  1. I feel bad because I didn't do anything, so technically I suck MORE, which is the opposite of what I should do. :(

    But I did get my taxes done!

  2. Hang in there little ones go threw that. I was a big stickler for my kids not being rude or disrespectful to me or any one else. I demand respect. I'm bragging but I think my boys turned out pretty good. No wonder you are exhausted that is alot of squats, pullups and crunches. I have done not had any problems so far with blogger. Couple of wk ago I was not able to post pictures. They must of fixed it,because it is working now. Hopefully there will get it fix soon. I know it is very fustrating.

  3. I need to join the SLC! That sounds brutal. And awesome!

  4. Sleep well tonight, young lady.
    I also had some weirdness with blogger...

  5. phew, I'd be exhausted too. I think you all need a family outing to get everyone in good spirits. Or maybe a fun movie night, those cure all!

  6. Try loading Windows Live Writer. It changed my life for blogging.

    That is one kick ass workout.

  7. I'm exhausted just READING this :D

    #1 rocks, I'm sure it is just temporary.

  8. Just found your blog. That class at 24 hour sounds great. I go to 24 Hour, but they don't have that class at mine :(


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