Monday, September 19, 2011

Plan for the Week, and Last Call (not for alcohol)

First, I apologize for being a bad, bad blogger. I have sucked fantastically lately at responding to comments and commenting on other blogs. I am reading them via Google Reader, and star them, to go back to comment, and I always seem to run out of time :(.

Second.... Last call to enter the Name Our Ragnar team contest! I hear there's a
Skinny Runner prize up for grabs..... Link HERE!

Weekly Recap…
: Stretching, yoga
Tuesday: Happy Hour
Wednesday: I intended to do a 5 mile tempo. It seemed like a nice evening, so I started to head out, but.. hello, it was almost dark, and I don’t run fast enough to beat the fading sun. Instead, did a loop around my neighborhood. Half mile-ish warm up walk, followed by 3.41 mi tempo run – 34:21. That’s a 10:04 pace. That’s CRAZY fast for me. CRAZY. And, I did it totally by feel. Goal pace was 10:11.
Thursday: Nada
Friday: Again
Saturday: Weirdest 10K ever (recap HERE), in which I DESTROYED my previous PR. 1:07 on a 6.61 mile course. Previous 10K PR was 1:06:04 on a 6.2 mi course. BOOM. In RLRF terms, I did 12x400, with 400RI. Worked… okay as a race strategy; the course was a little narrow and crowded to really run a steady pace for 400’s.
Sunday: Nothing.

Pretty lazy week, eh?

For this week….
: Dinner with the cousin!
Tuesday: speedwork of some type. I’ll make up something fun, I guess. We’ll see. 5 miles scheduled.
Wednesday: yoga
Thursday: 6 miles, 4@ tempo (goal pace 10-10:11)
Friday: rest
Saturday: 12 miles, easy (goal pace 11:23, with last 3 @ HM pace 10:19)

Long Beach is coming up F A S T. I am already slightly nervous. I was discussing potential with The H yesterday, and… I really don’t feel like I push myself in races. I always run to the point of being slightly uncomfortable, but chicken out of pushing myself any harder. I have no hesitation to TRAIN until I feel like I will puke or die, but put a timing chip on me, and it’s like I’m out for an afternoon stroll.

Like Sweaty Emily, I play around with pace calculators like I’m OCD… and based on my new fastest mile yesterday, the calculator app I have on my phone (what? Don’t judge me) says I have a 2:09 half in me. I’m pretty sure I’m closer to 2:15-ish shape.

I mean, if I’m not going to bring it on race day, why be bothered with speed work and tempo’s?

I’m not sure what’s wrong with my brain. But, I’m pretty sure this is why I’m nervous three weeks out from LB.

Because, in Long Beach, I plan to bring it. And run like I mean it.

And hopefully I don’t chicken out.

And, because everyone likes a post with a picture, this is a text I just got from The H - he's been doing some "homeschooling" with Gabby every day. He's pretty much the best thing ever.

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  1. The hot EMTs are running Long Beach. I should have them wear the pink suits again.

  2. I am a total sucker for super cute handwritten notes from kids. Adorable.

    You are gonna kill it at Long Beach. So long as you don't stop to do cartwheels :D

  3. Shoot the moon @ Long Beach :)

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

  4. Totally not judging ... what's the calculator thing??? Do I need it??

    And next time you are running hard and think of backing off, just remember your Team Jam friend that pukes mid race and keeps going. If I can do it, you can do it ... except that you actually run way harder and faster than I do. My point is - don't fear the vomit! Embrace it! ;)

  5. "And run like I mean it." You mean you've been running like you don't mean it and killing all your pace time?!? I'm sure you'll bring it on race day ... I think you have a darn good chance at smashing any goals you set!

    PS - Love the post-it note :) too cute!


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