Monday, September 26, 2011

Plan for the week

What happened last week...

Monday: Dinner with the cousin
Tuesday: Goal was 10 min warm up, 1600 @ 9:23 (!!!), 2x800 @ 4:34, 4x400 @ 2:15, 400RI
Actual: 10 min warm up jalk (half walk/half run), 1600 @ 9:18, 800 @ 4:28, 4:31, 400 @ 2:11, 2:13, 2:07, 2:02; 7:30 cool down. Felt GOOD.
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Intended to do a tempo run. However, my shin was being a PITA, so I tried warming up on the elliptical for 1.5 miles, and hopped onto the treadmill to finish. That treadmill run lasted .25mi, during which I realized that my achy shin HURT like a mofo.
Friday: Pouting, icing, compressing, general crankiness, and waffling about how wise it may or may not be to do my last long run on Saturday.
Saturday: Sigh. 30 minutes cycling, 1 hr elliptical, 15 minutes cycling. Obviously, the long run was skipped. This was perhaps the longest hour and forty-five minutes of my life.
Sunday: Continued waffling, debating, and icing.

The good news is, I *think* my shin feels okay now. There's definitely no pain when I walk, and only minimal pain when I press on my shin....

I have the option of deferring my Long Beach registration to another half that I was considering in December; I can wait until Oct. 5th to decide. Part of my hesitation is that I am notoriously crazy and paranoid about made-up injuries prior to a race... am I being crazy again? Or legit hurt? Tough saying. The easy answer is to go get the maybe-injury checked out. Apparently I'd rather wear KT Tape, Tommie Copper, and ice for 2 weeks.


This week:
Monday: Pouting, waffling, and eyeballin' the possible December race.
Tuesday: Hour cardio - cycling, elliptical, and some mixture thereof. Maybe some intervals on each to mimic the sad, sad intervals I'm missing out on.
Wednesday: Poking at the Shin, icing, obsessing, waffling.
Thursday: Reassess the Shin, try an easy run. Otherwise, one hour cardio.
Friday: Obsess. Whine. Ice. Waffle.
Saturday: IF the Shin has decided to be a contributing player to this game, easy 8-10 miles. Otherwise, 2 hours cardio or something equally awful (puke).


Anyway. Moments that make me smile.


Me: How did she hang those on the door?
The H: She must have used tape?
Me: Oh. I didn't know we even had tape.
Gabby: It was GLUE!

Yeah... that'd be the back of my Poang chair.

DIY Manicure




  1. #1 and #2's responses to you are cracking my shit up.

  2. OMG the pics of the antics are too darn funny!
    Hope the shin is nothing more than pre-race nothing. Go get it checked.

  3. 1) Your kids kill me
    2) I want waffles

  4. Dang it - okay, at lunch I'm coming back to see the photos!

    If your December race is the Rock 'n' Roll Half in Las Vegas then I vote for you to do that ... but that's 'cause I'm selfish and want Giraffy time!

  5. glue!!!! THAT MADE ME LAUGH!!! (sorry!)

    December is it the one in Pomona?
    I am doing the 5k there and my kids are doing the kids run (FREE! for kids did you know that? and with medals) I almost signed up for the half....almost..I might change my mind after LB we will looks like a fun one to do.

    I would get it checked and not mess with this.

  6. first - your kids are too funny.
    second - stupid shin. i hope it gets better in time for long beach! but, definitely take care of yourself so you can keep running!

  7. Your kids are fantastic you know that though :-)

  8. Glue! *snort*

    I hope you are feeling well soon and all healed up!

  9. what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is up with the shin?!? i hope it is treating you better soon! you just ice, compress, and tell that shin who the boss is darn it.

  10. glue? glue?? If you type that a couple of times, it looks weird.

    how's the shin? I love KT tape, I swear by it, hope it's doing it's job.


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