Monday, September 12, 2011

Plan for the Week.....


Last week I was scheduled to post a recap of the Funnest Half Marathon EVER which I have failed to do. FAIL. Oops. Today, pinky promise.

On the plan for last week:
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 5 easy miles
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 8 easy miles
Sunday - Rest

I assumed I'd be slow to recover, a la my previous two halves. Turns out, when you participate in the Funnest Half Marathon EVER, you need far less recovery time than when I try to kill yourself with poor pacing.

Tuesday - 4x800's, FASTEST 800's ever. I thought I sucked at the time, now I'm stoked about doing them.
Saturday - 10 easy miles with Team in Training and Team Gab. THIS was possibly the best training run I've had to date. It was great company, good conversation, and it was the Team's first time running double digits - and when you're a new runner, you know how exciting that is! I'm so glad I was able to join them.

On the schedule this week.....
Monday - Yoga, I'm feeling a little tight... hills Saturday did a number on my glutes
Tuesday - 5 miles at tempo
Thursday - 5 miles, easy
Saturday - Random 10K!

So this Random 10K... First, it coincides with Racing with Babe's virtual race. Second, I'm going to try out a new strategy that I've been considering trying.... speedwork via racing.

Yep. I'm thinking 12x400 with 400 RI. The Jesse at Journey Thru Life tried this strategy for a 5K, and crushed her previous PR. My speedwork average paces have been coming out faster than my 10K PR (you know, the one that was set just 6 weeks ago.... The Birthday 10K).....

How bad could it be? Right?....


Saturday night, I'll be attending the local Light the Night walk with Gabby. We have an appointment with her oncologist on wednesday, and are *hoping* to start maintenance Thursday..... and it starts with a BANG. We're tentatively schedule for a lumbar puncture thursday morning.

I've never, ever wished for my kid to get a lumbar puncture, but right now, I am.


  1. Really interested to hear how your strategy works! I would never try on a distance race, but I sorta hate the 5k and 10k and might try that for one of those! Crossing my fingers for Gabs!!

  2. I think you're gonna crush your 10k.

    Sending good vibes your way for Gabby :)

  3. Been sooo waiting to hear your race recap! I ran it as well, my fourth time, and it is always so much fun! Next up...Long Beach 1/2!

  4. While I am not much of a racer, I am always curious what strategies work for those who chase their PR's. You know, just in case I get into that mode. :) It seems you have it all worked out.


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