Friday, September 16, 2011

Photo Friday pt 2, and Race Goals

Gabby started off maintenance with a BANG. like, as in, slap you upside the head with a brick BANG.

She had a lumbar puncture with chemo, plus some iv chemo, Thursday morning.

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Then, last night, we started the pills (including The Steroid).

Good LORD the pills.

13 total. Can you imagine taking 13 pills?! She's usually pretty good about taking one or two. But 13 required some creativity.

Mix them in pudding? Can't, no dairy. Give them with her fave, orange soda? Nope, can't have citrus either. That's cute.


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Whatever. It worked.


So, this 10k this weekend. I've been pretty unexcited about it. I was going to run "with" the H (and by with, I mean, we would both be there, and he'd have to hang out forever waiting for me to drag my ass across the finish), but he's been battling some Achilles funk. Then Rose said she was running, but now she's not. And I am just... Meh about it. I dunno.

But the weather is supposed to be perfect - low 60's, overcast. It's on the FLAT beach path. Packet pick up is at the running store (and I ALWAYS need and excuse to go there). So... I mean. I guess I will. I have to get my speed work in sometime anyway, right?

Goal A: 1:02. I think I can do this....
Goal B: Beat my Cypress time of 1:06:05. I've TOTALLY got that.
Goal C: Don't die. Pretty sure I can manage it.


  1. Blame the race directors for not having day of pick up.

    That, and training burn out. Man.

  2. 13 pills? wow. miss gabby just became my hero even more. i can barely gag down my allergy pill every day. in the grapes though? genius. my mom use to crush up pills for me and put them in applesauce or vanilla ice cream. then i wouldnt eat either of those for yearrrrrrs.

    GOOD LUCK at your 10k. I think you are going to totally ROCK IT.

    i know maintenance is a good thing, right, but that photo breaks my heart. cancer sucks. gabby rocks. and so do you.

  3. I never in a million years would have thought of the grape thing - you are a genius.
    Good luck at your race! Love Goal C, that's pretty much my goal at every race! :)

  4. Enjoy your race Heather!! You ARE creative. Gabby is a CHAMP!

  5. enjoy your race.

    WOW 13 pills, I struggle with one or two she is a rockstar!!!

  6. Dude, that is smart! So she just swallowed the grapes whole? 13 is a flippin' lot of pills. But this is the road to the end of kicking cancer's ass.

    Anyway, good luck tomorrow in your 10K with your bucket of GU. Don't eat it all in one race. Ha!

  7. I've been reading for a while, but never commented. I found your blog through the DISboards. I was especially interested because I got into running training with TNT in honor of my friend's 6yo who started LTM a few months ago. (And, of course you're entertaining AND full of wisdom, so I had to add you to my RSS feed!) Anyways, when I'm running I send prayers and positive thoughts Gabby's way. She's a hero, as are you!

  8. Gabby is a badass. I don't know many adults that could hang with that let a lone a wee lady. I am in awe of her and think of that sweet face each day, much love.


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