Wednesday, September 28, 2011

“We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are.”

Have you voted yet for our Ragnar name(s)? Not to put ANY pressure on you, but “Hello, Haters/Goodbye, Haters” was submitted by #1. I’m just saying. You can vote multiple times. Link HERE. If you vote, let me know and I’ll enter you in a giveaway for some random mystery goodies. You don’t even HAVE to vote for #1’s entry. Fair play and all that.

  • Fall TV things I love: Amazing Race (so far…), Up All Night, New Girl, James Spader on The Office

  • What I don’t: Two Broke Girls, Revenge

  • Welcome back, I’ve missed you: Castle, Bones, Community, Chuck, Raising Hope

  • Undecided: Free Agents

  • Still to check out: Terra Nova, I Hate my Teenage Daughter

  • You’re welcome for the break down.

  • I ate this cake yesterday, because it was the monthly office birthday celebration. I have NO IDEA what flavor it was supposed to be. It was odd. I ate it anyway.

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  • I spent 35 minutes on the elliptical last night, and was planning on another 25 on the bike, but… some weirdo brought a billion kids into our teeny complex gym, and put them ALL on machines (there are 6, total), with instructions to stay on them for 25 minutes, then proceeded to walk, very slowly, on the treadmill, with headphones in to watch TV. I can’t stand that. The gym is not your daycare facility! Argh.

  • I guess I *could* have done an extra 25 minutes on the elliptical, but (1) I hate the elliptical and was seconds away from punching myself in the face out of boredom, and (2) her kids smell like dirty laundry. I couldn’t take it. A teeny room full of sweaty, dirty clothes. Sigh.

  • I dislike the pressure schools put on children to fundraise and sell crap.

  • I apologize to and THANK HEARTILY my friends who provided addresses to be sent solicitation post cards from my child. I promise I’ll buy things from your kid when they bring home catalogs of stuff I don’t need.

  • Someone I hired 3 weeks ago is still having trouble logging into her computer. She has IT over at her desk now. She says, “I’m trying it all these different ways…” Maybe, that’s your problem. MAYBE, you need to write some isht down and remember your log in, and try it just the right way.

  • I have over-booked my October.

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  • All of the things are all things I’m excited about. There are just SO MANY of them.

  • I’ve seen a few articles lately positing that it’s hard and expensive to eat healthy. Really? You can’t feed yourself – a grown adult – on $30 a week, but I can manage a party of 5 for $75 a week? Lies, and laziness. Sit down, article-writer.

  • There was another comment on Sprouts Facebook page asking for gluten-free snack options for their kid. The thread was full of processed, boxed, canned, wrapped stuff. Um. Fruits? Veggies? Would a celery stick or an apple kill somebody? What happened to that stuff? Sigh. I will never understand the propensity to fall into the boxed food trap. I mean, in moderation, whatever, but it’s so commonly the first choice.

  • Or maybe I take for granted that I live in an area with an abundance of fresh, affordable produce year round. Also a possibility.


  1. I am with you 100% on the packaged food versus fruits and veggies. Then again, I'd rather have a ripe nectarine than a candy bar.

  2. I totally gave #1 my vote today. Not that I play favorites or anything. ;)

    I watched Revenge, but it was on so late for me since that is one of my swim mornings, so I fell asleep. I'm going to try again tonight. I just really love Emily VanCamp and find her absolutely beautiful. I can't get enough of her face. She makes me miss Everwood. I sobbed when that show came to an end. Oh heck, I cried during almost every episode.

  3. I voted! :)

    I don't have a lot of TV time, but Grey's Anatomy, Amazing Race, Biggest Loser and Modern Family are my favs.

  4. I voted yesterday!

    I love James Spader on the Office too, although I am a bit sad at poorly he has aged. At one point I thought he was a bit sexy (Sex, Lies and Videotape!)

    What's up with the kids and the gym?

    How is the shin?

  5. I'm LOVE James Spader on The Office, I was getting a little sick of Michael, honestly. Giving Up All Night a try too, looks good so far!

    I voted (for own submission, doubt I'll win though :()

  6. I hated last season of the Office. But I'm dedicated to the end. Have not watched this year yet.

  7. I voted and your name is hilar!!! Dude, i might've punched my own face too if all those kids surrounded me in the gym!

  8. I voted on your name. So jealous - I really want to do a Ragnar relay - one in my area next June, but all my runner friends are kinda wimpy. :( I may need to turn to my blogger friends to make a team!
    AMEN on your comment about Oct overbooking and the school fundraising crap. ARgh! I literally toss it in the garbage and if they come asking, I ask dumb...

  9. I voted! I am HUGE fan of the Amazing Race and Survivor. I saw Revenge and am undecided. You feed your family healthy on 75 dollars a week? I am impressed and want to know your secret. I think I spend double that. Ugh

  10. Oh I'm so with you on the kids foods. I just don't buy any of that junk. IT'S EXPENSIVE, it doesn't fill up the tummy, and generally they don't taste good & have no nutritional value. Big into the hummus (cheap & easy to make in the blender), fruit, veggies, etc.

    Sounds like your new hire might not last long? If logging in is an issue are they able to actually do the rest of their job?

    Instead of making kids sell crap from China, maybe they should do walk-a-thons & such to raise money. At least there is exercise that way. Though, sad they have to fund raise to begin with.

  11. Voted! Because my opinion is obviously very important to the process.
    I don't get why all those kids would be there--so frustrating!

  12. i LOVE fall tv.

    after seeing that cake picture, i now have a huge craving for cake!

    whatcha got going on for the 26th of oct? i hope its something fun. THAT'S MY B-DAY :)

    i totally hate when people say they don't have the time to eat healthy. make the time! make it a priority! eat more fruits and veggies. find a way to MAKE IT WORK.

    i voted yesterday & today for the team name :)

  13. lots of stuff

    1. how's the legs? Dr say ok to run or no? LB?

    2. Kids at the thank you.

    3. We cannot be TV buddies. just for amazing race, that is my #1 favorite since forever. I love modern family and parenthood

    4. fundraisers....I hate them. I buy one thing for each kid. the end. I dont ask people to buy and I say no to everyone. no need to just exchange money for crap.

    5. I voted.

  14. okay the log in girl needs a note pad. Kinda funny though! Looking forward to that budget plan, its hard but worth it!!

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