Thursday, September 22, 2011


1. Thanks to TMB and Lesley for dropping by yesterday with their coachy opinions! You both had excellent points. I obviously understand that marathon training is a new ball game compared to half training; I know my mileage will have to be kicked up a notch (or 5...). I just need to find the balance that's going to work for my circumstances.

2. My calves are tight, and my legs feel.... Tired? What the heck, legs? You've done better in the past, stop whining!

3. XLMIC, who is coming down for Long Beach, offered to let me bunk in her hotel, walking distance to the finish line. The timliness of the offer was astounding - I had JUST decided I wanted to see what hotels are available!

and that, folks, is why I'm in love with the Internet. How else would I meet strangers who are instant friends?


  1. Have you made any decisions regarding a training plan yet?

    Long Beach? Two weeks? You're gonna kill it.

  2. My calves have been tight, too! ... but mine might be from a lack of running. Tonight will be my first run since Saturday. Oops!

    Do you want Rose and I to send mp3's of us talking about nonsense and you can have Team Jam babbling in your iPod during Long Beach?

  3. OR Rose and I could sing our greatest hits! YES!!

  4. There's needs to be program where the faster you run, the more autotuned (aka BETTER) our singing gets, as an added incentive.

  5. YES! And the slower you get the slower, louder, more obnoxious and distorted we sound!

  6. Insta-friends... Sweet.

    RR- I wanna join the audio. Occasional inspirational quotes. Don't puke til the finish reminders. My famous "you're not going to die". :-)

  7. LB 16 days can you believe it...
    I am getting these emails every day almost from run racing with a I need a reminder!!!

  8. Yay for Long Beach! We will have fun :)


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