Monday, September 26, 2011

Name Our Ragnar Team - Top 10!

The suggestions are in - almost 200 of them, in fact - to name the best collection of SoCal (and CO) runners Twitter could find...

Meet the "Regular" Team....

and the "Not Regular" Team...

Click HERE to choose the name that will be emblazoned on our chests for 24 sweaty, dirty hours. Without your votes, we'll be something dumb and uninspiring, like... Regular, and Not-Regular.

The reader(s) who submitted the winning name will win some fun stuff, including but not limited to a SR shirt, Mission Skincare product, an iTunes gift card, and whatever other goodies we can rustle up.

AND, to even the ante a bit, for those whose names did not make the top 10, if you vote, and pop back in here in the comments to let me know, I'll select one voter at random to receive a mystery prize-pack of fun and exciting things.

Help us, reader land. You're our only hope.


  1. I'm trying to decide what to bribe my runners with to get our team to wear be socks team.

  2. Haha I kind of like "regular" and "not-regular". Although it does remind me of a convo you'd have with your OB...

  3. I voted! I'm also cracking up at how the ultra girls are not-regular. lol.

  4. Love the group!!!
    What a freaking blast that will be!!!

  5. I'm going to keep voting for the Sausage one. But I did put in a socks vote just now for Rose!

  6. Can't wait to hang out on Saturday!!! :-D

  7. Not regulars! ha ha!!! I need to check out your naming options...on my way to vote!


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