Friday, September 16, 2011

Photo Friday

So, I was digging up an old picture of myself... and, first, of note is how freaking tough it was to find a picture of me. I think that might be true of a lot of moms, in general, because we tend to be the ones TAKING a billion pictures. But for me, particularly, I wasn't interested in being in front of the camera. It was not fun for me.

I've mentioned a few times how tough it has been to lose weight while running - you all know what I'm talking about. I don't really focus a ton of effort towards it... more, I'm just mindful of what I'm eating, and how it will fuel my body. I weigh myself, maybe once a week or so... sometimes more, sometimes less, but not really on any specific pattern, and more out of curiosity. For me, being healthy is so much more important than what I weigh. I know that number on the scale doesn't take into account the calves or quads I've gained over the last year.

But this.... this REALLY hit me.

These two pictures were taken exactly one year apart...



  1. You look AMAZING!!!! Great job! Isn't that awesome?? Hugs!

  2. Wow what a difference!!! You look fantastic. It's great to see results. :-)

  3. You lost so much BOOB! In a good way.

  4. Way to go!You look great! (also love the sparkle skirt) I have been losing weight slooowwwllly but surely as well through running and trying to eat better. I am not a huge fan of the scale but the pants/pictures don't lie! Love the blog:)

  5. Way to go, Mamacita! lost at least a boob...maybe a boob and a half..

  6. First, so happy for you and your family that Gabby is in maintenance! (I'm catching up on your posts now) Second, you look freaking AWESOME!

  7. way to go! you look amazing. what a difference a year can make, huh?!?

  8. Nice job!

    I don't really weigh myself much either, just once in a while out of curiosity. I have noticed recently I feel like things are changing - my tummy feels a tiny bit flatter and my upper legs suddenly changed over night ... in a good way (phew!). So I weighed myself ... exactly the same. So I guess it is good we don't place all of our energy worrying about the number because it is just a number after all!

  9. You are gorgeous! It is wicked hard to lose weight, but you are focused. Keep up the good work!


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