Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. My 2012 race calendar is filling up nicely. A full AND another shot at Coast to Coast? Yes, please....

2. Brightroom says photos are ready from Disneyland. Somehow.... Somehow... There are no photos of me with my GINORMOUS medals. Nor of Fruit Fly, Rose, or #1 at the 5K. WTF, Brightroom?

3. I had scheduled myself for a rest day on Tuesday, my normal speedwork day. But I felt GOOD, so decoded to try the same run Becka was doing (8x800's, 1:30 RI). So I hit up the treadmill, incline at 1, and tried it. Warm up 1 slooooow mile (legs felt tired, but HEALTHY - such a departure from my last two halfs!), then proceeded to do 4x800 before quitting. It was awful. And I was really pissy.

Then I realized..... I was running, 48 hours after half marathon #3. After the previous two, it took WEEKS for me to feel up to running again. And..... I did my 800's in 4:35, 4:31, 4:36, 4:32. Prior to this, my fastest 800 was 4:38. And that was with 2:30 RI.

I guess I'll call myself a runner now.


  1. I really think you can skip speedwork the week after a half. Just sayin'.

  2. AWESOME!!! Which full are you doing? are you going to be at Disney in January?? That would be awesome!

    You are DEFINITELY a runner. You rock!

  3. you are MOST DEFINITELY a runner! and, what FULL???

  4. Yes, you're a runner! But be a smart runner and take some recovery time, no matter how good it feels!

  5. Brightroom is NOT my friend right now! I went through ALL finisher medal photos TWICE! AND lost and found. So very lame. We were the on course entertainment, yet no post-race love??

    Dude - you've BEEN a runner!

    Go Team Jam!

  6. freaking awesome job.

    I'm with FF - you've been a runner!!

  7. way to rock those 800's the week after a half! you rock. you are definitely a runner, you've been one all along :)

    what is coast to coast?!?

    that sucks about no race photos! i didn't get any at my first full and i was pissed :(

  8. YOU ROCK.

    1. Yes. Mine too... wait, most of the ones I'm doing you are too... coincidence??
    2. Brightroom sucks. Billions of photographers on the course and only finish line pictures for me. And some random guy in Angel stadium with a bib number close to mine.
    3. Speedwork not as terrible as tempo runs. Just sayin.

  9. Jumping right back on the horse after the half...

    you are a rockstar.

  10. Right on - looks like you found your groove!

  11. Wow, I can't even fathom speed work that soon after a big race!

  12. You are totally a wicked, bad mama jama runner!


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