Friday, September 23, 2011

As if the folks in SoCal weren't lucky enough.....

Local upcoming events that you should all do, because I will be:

Team Sparkle is putting together a team to run the Chapman University 5K on 10/16 (link HERE). If they get a team of 30+ together, they've arranged a special discounted registration of only $25! You can let Team Sparkle know you're interested HERE, on their Facebook page! I will be running with #1 AND #2!!

2. Iron Girl Del Mar 5K with #1 on November 6!


This race is only $25 for the 5K, PLUS I've got a special discount code for an additional 15% off - for a SoCal race, that is SUPER reasonable! Use discount code CCIGDMJH for 15% off. Click HERE to register!

This is the part of the post where I normally tell you all about how I killed my pace goals from the night before. So, last night I went to the gym to do my 5 mile tempo. I wanted to do my mile warm up on the elliptical, because my shin has been bugging me - I've always had issues with shin splints, but usually it's just annoying, not really painful to the point where I don't run. But yesterday, my shin had been HURTING. And in one, very localized spot. So much so, that even the elliptical hurt. After 15 minutes on the elliptical, I thought it felt better, so I started to run. .25 mi at 10:11 pace, and I quit. It HURT. So, I'm icing, and stretching, and taping, just in case it IS still just jerk shin splints, and will re-assess tomorrow before I attempt my last long run before Long Beach.


But this is a good look, right?
Yeah. You're jealous.


  1. I'm doing a local 5k a week from tomorrow. I'm going to pretend that I'm "joining" you in your 5k efforts. I would love to run one with you sometime!

  2. I don't like the sounds of that! Be good, be careful.

  3. Yikes Heather! Take it easy and I hope it is nothing serious. Bummer!!!!

  4. Is it outer shin?

    I had a thing with the outer shin a while back ('05). The theory is that the muscle along the side was having some compartment syndrome. I had a persistent bruise on my shin and pain in one specific area. Rolling out that muscle seemed to help. And avoiding hills.

  5. You know I always like to embrace color - even in the form of KT tape! I'm sending down really powerful vibes to help it feel perfect again soon!

  6. Hmmm. I know a prof at Chapman (a dude) and I think he runs a little to keep his whiskey gut down. I wonder if he's running? I could send him my sparkle skirt! ?!

  7. I want to be on Team Sparkle!!!! Haha. Those socks rock.

    My shin pain is SO unpredictable. Doing hot yoga has helped me BIG TIME.

    Get Up & Go


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