Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My brain, in bullet points.....

  • #2 was being Extra Special this morning. She wanted pizza for breakfast. Except she didn’t want the pizza SHE requested, she wanted her sister’s pizza. Which she took one bite of, and threw away, because it “tasted weird” TO HER.

  • TO HER is a new, recurring theme – she seems to think it absolves her from any responsibility. This tastes weird, TO ME. This shirt that you just bought isn’t comfortable, TO ME. The waffle I just made and has turned the teeniest, lightest shade of tan is burnt…. TO ME.

  • It’s exhausting TO ME.

  • I picked up this enormous green heirloom tomato at the farmers market last weekend. It’s amazing. You should be jealous.

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  • I hear there’s a GIANT blogger meetup happening at RNR Seattle next June.
    I’m a sucker for peer pressure, and shared the pressure-love with Becka. I suppose we’ll be making an appearance :D.

  • That means that I’ve got TWO FULL MARATHONS on the calendar for 2012. Within 5 weeks.

  • Crazy is the only word that comes to mind.

  • I’m toying with the idea of making Seattle a family trip. #1 has been wanting to go… Hm. BUT, she also wants to do San Fran, so… we’ll see.

  • I’m also toying with the idea of hiring a coach, but am having a conflict in my mind about this… I’m not prepared, nor do I have enough running smarts, IMO, to create a FULL marathon training plan. But, nor am I super interested in running 5 or 6 times a week. I am just not willing to sacrifice that kind of time. I work FT, 3 kids, I’m just not doing it. A lot of coaches really push racking up the miles, and if that works for you, great. I just don’t want to. Will a coach work around that? Hm. Things to ponder.

  • Last night after my run, I threw my hair up in a creepy, sweaty bun. Then I left it that way overnight. This morning? I have creepy, sweaty hair. Sexy.

  • I only have one long run before Long Beach. YIKES.

  • I found chocolate raspberry GU, and it is DELICIOUS. I took a GU on my 10K. Don’t judge. It was worth it.

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  • Gabby and I went to the local Light the Night walk this weekend… we ended up taking off before the walk, because she was tired, I wasn’t super comfortable with all the people, and… it was just tough, for me, to be there. I don’t know why. Some pictures…

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    The white balloon indicates that she’s in treatment…

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Speed work last night was some craziness I made up… 10 min warm up, followed by 1600 @ 9:23, 2x800 @ 4:34, 4x400 @ 2:15, with 400 RI’s.
Actual: 10 min warm up jalk, 1600 @ 9:18 (!!!!!!), 800 @ 4:29, 4:31, 400 @ 2:11, 2:13, 2:07, 2:02, 7:30 cool down jog. FUN!


    1. #2... ha. A has been pulling that nonsense too. They must have had some sort of meeting...

      LOVE Gabs. LOVE.

      Peer Pressure. Heh. (PS, I can't believe registration isn't even open yet...)

      Also. My opinion still stands about the RLRF marathon program being a good idea for you... or you can stick with the HM program and just swap out the long runs... I think it is great if you are on limited time.

    2. I will deny responsibility for the peer pressure, but I'm glad you passed it on.

      About a coach... I think a coach's job is to listen to your desires, and that includes days per week. I have girls that run 3 days and others that run 6. All of them requested the number of days per week, although I do occassionally make recommendations (usually in the case of they are trying to to 10 other things and I think they need to fit in appropriate rest).

      Doing two 5-weeks apart... yes, of course you can. You might have to change your expectations and what your goals are (like you might need to give up some speed for miles to fit it in the lower days)... you probably won't want to run both super hard, etc. But you can TOTALLY do this. Even first marathons. You're pretty good about sticking to a schedule.

      As to whether or not you *need* a coach, I think that's just a personal decision. I think you can get it done either way, one way might be a little more successful than the other with your life.

    3. I can't comment on pictures. :( I'll try to come back and see them though!

      Seattle ... I am 100% there for at least 13.1. I cannot commit to 26.2. Right now I just have NO desire to run a full marathon .... and the thought of the Seattle full terrifies the goatse out of me! (Oh yeah, just made a new phrase!) But this will be perhaps the most epic of blogger meet-ups! And I want #1 to come... because I am stalking her.

      I haven't ruled out all the BIG peer pressure though. At a minimum I can be part of Team Jam through mile 9 when the course splits. The fact that I have totally ruled it out is huge, FYI!

    4. I echo what Lesley said. The thing about marathon training is that most people will do better on race day if they have a larger endurance base, meaning that they log a lot of miles. Most coaches will tell you somewhere between 40-60/week is ideal. The easiest way to do this without constantly having to run 10+ miles a day, is to run more days per week. Can it be done on less miles/days? Yes. But you have to figure out if you'd rather give up more hours on fewer days, or fewer hours on more days. Honestly, it works out to be about the same.

      Not sure that helped you at all.

    5. Becka and Fruit Fly and you and all the Seattle area bloggers next year? I want to run (the half) too! I already feel guilty about skipping my daughter's basketball tourny that I know will be on that day. Oh well, another reason why I'm not mother of the year.

    6. i've done that walk before! I love it. It has a special place in my heart and now i know why, sweet Gabby.

    7. i think that RLRF has been working well for you and that you could use it for full marathon training. obviously adapt it as needed to fit your goals/expectations. thats what i did.

    8. Was she one of the honored heros? If so, I know (from experience) that it means so much to the ppl involved to see yall! i can imagine it was tough for you though. i wish i was doing seattle! i’ve done it before-i just want to meet all of yall face to face!

    9. I have a chocolate raspberry gu that I've been saving for a special occasion, if I run this weekend, that will be it!

      My marathon training is 3 runs during the week, 1 day of cross training, 2 days of rest and one long run. It's totally doable. I can email it to you if you like, a friend gave it to me, it's a training plan for Boston.

      Gabby is the cutest.

    10. I can't believe I am the first to say...

      I want that tomato.

    11. Kids! Don't you love the things they come up with. I'm not much a tomato person but I have to say that is a BEAUTIFUL tomato.


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