Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I ran 5 miles, slow and steady, Tuesday night. Nothing exciting to report. Not the best run. Not the worst. 5 miles more than 0, though, so there's that...

Let's discuss gym etiquette. All of my gym time is done in the tiny fitness center in my apartment complex. There are three treadmills, a stationary bike, 2 ellipticals. All in a row - treadmills nearest to the door. Tuesday, while I was running, I was on the first treadmill - right next to the door. I left the door open, because, hello, that room gets to be a JILLION degrees if it's closed, and the AC's aren't running, and since it was cold out, it makes sense to leave it open. Right?

Apparently not, if you're the dude who wants to play on the elliptical (not exercise, PLAY), while talking LOUDLY on your phone. Because consistently, that dude comes in and shuts the door.

Sadly for him, I was feeling extra pissy Tuesday night, during a semi-crappy run, and opened the door back up. I mean, who DOES that? Rude.

He was NOT a fan of me. But the other woman on the next treadmill over, she sure was.


Thanks for all the well wishes for Gab. That's the thing with leukemia, and chemo, is it's kind of a roller coaster. Some days really, really suck, and some days, it's like there's nothing wrong. We seem to have figured out the right cocktail of meds/food/sleep to put a stop to the puking, so far, fingers crossed, knock on wood.
And she's feeling a bit better. Her hair is a little challenged, though :D

Christine at Oatmeal in my Bowl posted yesterday about words to inspire her in the New Year. I'm not really a big fan of resolutions - the way I see it, life is so fluid. Things change. I love the freedom of being flexible and not tied to something if circumstances change.

But I love her idea of 3 words to inspire her in 2012.

If I had to pick 3...
  • Health
  • Gratitude
  • Generosity


  1. No resolutions? Fluidity? Have you seen your race calendar for 2012:)

  2. I'm glad Gabby is feeling better.

    That gym dude can suck a dick.

  3. I think Gabby's hair looks so cute all ruffled up! I am slowly catching up on blogs and saw she is getting her Disney World wish - awesome!

  4. oh she is better! that is good..even if just a bit..a bit is better than 0..just like the miles!!!

  5. Glad Gabby is feeling better! Tell the gym guy to suck it!

  6. Those are awesome words to have for 2012! Thank you for the mention.

    Fingers crossed for Gabby. And for your mindful well being. :)

    And that is so annoying when people talk loudly on the cell phone. Um really, its a personal conversation.

    Happy Holidays!

  7. Glad your daughter is doing better, I wish her the best of health in 2012

  8. So happy to hear Gabby is feeling better!

    Love your words for 2012. I'm a big resolution maker but many I'll pick three words for 2012 too :)


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