Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap..... The one where I ran

It's time for the obligatory 2011 recap posts! If you're new here (and some of you are, thanks for joining!), let's play get to know me, yes?

I started running in October, 2010, that must be said first. Ready? Go.

January - 23 miles
January was a tough month. There was a leukemia diagnosis. There was a 3 week long hospital stay. I ran the Suck It Up, Buttercup Virtual 5K hosted by Baby Weight My Fat Ass. I also ran my first EVER double digit run!

February - 53 miles
I learned a bit about pacing, and learning to run your own race. I registered for my second half marathon, before I even ran my first, and simultaneously raised over $2000 for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. I started loving my ugly runner's feet, thanks to Zoe at Run, Zoe, Run. I had my first bout of Taper Madness. I registered for my THIRD half marathon. Oh, and then I ran my first half marathon, in 3:07, and had... pretty much the BEST time ever.

March - 44 miles
I recapped what worked (and what didn't) for my first half marathon. Kid #1 placed in her first race, and then asked to race again, so we registered her for the Disneyland 5K. I cross trained, and remembered my Elliptical Hatred. I decided that Racing Weight freaked me out. I ran my FIRST Marathon! But spread out over 2 weeks... Oh. And, I registered for my... Forth half marathon.

April - 65 miles
I had a tough long run. I set incredibly lofty goals for my second half marathon. I ran the Jelly Bean Virtual 10K - first 10K = instant PR! And then I decided.... time isn't really my biggest priority.

May - 20 miles
....and 13.1 of that includes my second half marathon (2:32:xx). I ran my second MARATHON... again over 2 weeks, in the I Can't Afford the Actual Race Virtual Race, hosted by Barefoot Neil Z. I had fun with electrodes to cure my peroneal tendinitis.

June - 37 miles
For the second year, I ran the Corona del Mar Scenic 5K, this time with kid #1 and my BFF's husband. She beat us both. I beat him, and PR'ed by 4 minutes from last year (33:05), and #1 took 2nd in her age group. Again. That chick, man... I started a new training cycle for my third half marathon, and was attacked by geese on day 1. I ran The Boring Runner's Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K. I kind of followed Run Less, Run Faster, and ran 400's for the first time.

July - 41 miles
I met new friends. I traveled to Florida, and didn't run an inch while I was there. I fit into The Skinny Jeans for the first time in 6 years. I destroyed a 4 mile tempo run. I ran 800's for the first time, and they suck. And then I killed a 10K for my birthday (1:06:05).

August - 57 miles
I briefly lost my running mojo. But then it found me again, in the form of 400's. I still hated 800's. I made up ridiculous speed work routines to keep myself amused. I ran the Wet n' Wild 5K, and met Rose, and she was RAD! And, I finally moved down a few notches on my favorite (only) belt...

September - 50 miles
Kid #1 ran her 2nd 5K, and I ran my 3rd half marathon! Team Jam was born, and my collection of Disney medals grew. I got jealous of the Hood to Coast teams, and decided to run a Ragnar in 2012. I ran a $15 10K with The H... and I beat him!

October - 67 miles
I met a bunch of my Ragnar teammates (Team So Much Cooler Online), thank you, internet. I got Taper CRAZY, and set CRAZY goals for my FORTH half Marathon, Long Beach. I didn't hit my A goal, or my B, but I PR'ed, and I didn't die, so there's that. I dreamed of race redemption. I ran the Chapman 5K with all three kids, as part of Team Sparkle! Kid #1, again, placed in her age group, AND set a 22:08 PR! I finally tried trail running, and fell a little bit in love. I ran the Operation Jack Richard Leary 6-Hour Challenge, hit my highest mileage to date, 14.15 miles, and, at the same time, demonstrated my love for birds.

November - 21 miles
I ran the fastest I've ever run. And a few days later I set a new 5K PR (30:53). I did something crazy, and challenged Becka to 20x400. And then I did it, and it was exhilarating. I found out Jerk Shin was a probable stress fracture, AND registered for my first FULL MARATHON on the same day. I noted ways you can be smarter than me by listening to your body. I became a FitFluential Ambassador!

December - 47 miles
I got the green light to run!!!!! Then Gabby kicked Jerk Shin, and I took a precautionary week off, because PHAWK that hurt. I played spectator and baby-sitter extraordinaire at the Holiday Half 5K. And, surprise, #1 landed ANOTHER age group placement. I published my race calendar for 2012, and.... it's pretty much INSANE. I told Another Mother Runner why I run. And I closed out the running year by volunteering at one of my favorite local events, the Operation Jack Marathon, with #1.

That's a wrap, folks. 525 miles. 10 finish lines. And a billion Team Sparkle skirts later....







Adios, 2011.


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I love that you signed up for your 2nd half before you even ran your first!

Happy 2012!

Losing Lindy said...

Good job on your running! Kid #1 is amazing too, does she run for school as well?

heather said...

Way to go! Sounds like quite a year. Congrats!

heather said...

Way to go! Sounds like quite a year. Congrats!

Caroline said...

love the pic of Gabby at the grocery store!!
happy new year to you and your family!
wishing you HEALTH and lots of JOY!

Becka said...

What an awesome year. Glad I got to share some of it with you!!

Unknown said...

Wow, what a great year! My yearly recap is going to be so lame once I get around to it.....

Lauren said...

Great Re-cap. Love the pictures. What a way to start off 2011 :( You are a trooper!

The Jesse said...

You had an AMAZING year. I can't wait to see what 2012 brings you :)


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