Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I have nothing witty

So, when last I blogged, I was in a funk.

I'm still in a funk.

I'm not even sure why, there's nothing going on. I'm just... bleh.


Oh well. Life goes on, right?


I started running again last week, and it was pretty glorious. 2 miles Thursday, and 2.5 Sunday. Sunday's run was followed by 30 minutes on the Bike of Boredom.... which was interesting. I don't think I like the bike any better than I did before, but it was somehow more gratifying knowing I did it because I wanted to, not because I felt stuck with it. I added hills, because, why wouldn't I...


This might have backfired, though, because now I'm eyeing tri's like it's my job. I probably should swim, first.

The PT gave me full clearance to start training this week, ramping up my miles and speed using the stupid normal 10% rule. So, I can race this weekend's 5K (Corona del Mar Scenic 5K, if anyone local is interested. Cute, small race, with a gourmet food tent at the end - win!). #1 is pretty psyched to race - as she said, she's expecting to DOMINATE. I checked out the age group results from last year, and she's got a good chance of placing.

Regarding Gabby. Thanks, everyone, for the kind thoughs, prayers, and emails. She's doing MUCH better right now - easily worn out, but in really good spirits. She's, like, relentless in her good spirits, and I should take some lessons.



She rocked this look to Open House for 1 & 2. They were less than amused, and wouldn't walk within 20 feet of us. Swim goggles? I don't even know....


OH! And, the best non-kid related news, ever. I FOUND THE DRESS! The one I was bummed about missing out on from Ann Taylor...


And it was on clearance, for $35 (down from $90!). And just as glorious as I remembered.


What's on tap for June?

I'm starting training for Disneyland, shortly. I've got a 10K in July, that I want to do well in, so I'll be doing some speed work. I've got the Suck Less Program, that I've gotten back on track on the last few weeks. And, this cycling business. We'll see if that continues.

My Internet BFF is getting induced today - can't wait to meet Shady Baby! Her and her husband met online, the same message board where I met her, and secretly got married a year ago, then had a second wedding with her family and friends a few months later... Me and kidlets were the only guests at wedding #1 (recap here), and spent the evening after lounging in a hot tub and eating pizza and drinking beer. I couldn't at all have asked for a better friend, and I'm super stoked for them. Especially since this baby is keeping someone else up at night.

We followed that up with our first camping trip ever... Recap HERE.

Where were YOU a year ago?


  1. I have been in such a funk lately too! Runners low maybe after my 1/2?? Anyways ran last night before ballet and feel like it just turned everything around! Hope you are feeling less funky soon!! Glad to hear Gabby's spirits are good - I keep y'all in my prayers.

  2. Super cute dress! $35 is a steal!

    I like the goggles look. I mean, why only wear them in the pool - such a limited time frame to rock the underwater look. ;)

  3. wooo for running again! so exciting!

    glad to hear gabby is doing well :)

    i key toying with the idea of a tri too. i dont have a bike though, so that would be one thing i need.

    i do have a swim cap, goggles, and a one piece swim suit though! haha

    and love the dress! glad you found it.

  4. See? That dress was so meant to be! Glad Gabs and the entire crew are doing well--cannot wait for #1 to dominate this weekend!

  5. Even I know that $35 is a steal on a dress

  6. I just want to say --- love the photos awesome!! happy I'm in a VERY different place than last year! YAY!

  7. Bike of Boredom? I can't imagine what you will be calling the pool if you start training for a tri.

    Pretty, pretty dress for you. And, I kind of like the swim goggle look on Gabby:)

  8. Sorry you're in a funk...hope it passes soon. Glad you found the dress! Love it! And really glad Gabs is doing better...those pics are too cute!

  9. *Love* the dress!!!!!!

    I think those races on your calendar will be just the right motivation to pull out of the funk... perhaps a new pair of running shorts/capris as well. ;-)

  10. did you say tri's?? I say go for it!

  11. I really love that dress! I can see why you were so excited. Gabby's swim goggles are too cute. Gotta love a kid with their own sense of style. Good luck with your training!

  12. Gabby is so cute! Really love the dress, and I usually am not a stripe person : ) I especially love finding a dress that I've been eyeing on sale.

    As for a year ago -- I can hardly remember a year ago. June 2010, me and my family were in a four car pile-up. Fortunately, I was the only one injured (and only minorly). I'm sure lots of good things happened also. Just the accident stands out.

    Happy Running!

  13. Sorry lack of mojo, young lady. Hope that your 5K knocks that crap out of the park!
    LOVE the swim goggles, girl's got some style.
    Beauty in your stripey dress!
    A year ago...thinking that a 25K was the most I could ever run and just blasted that with a 50K.

  14. Funks are no fun. But running and scoring that dress is very fun!

    Gabby is cracking me up in those goggles.

  15. So glad Gabby is hanging tough ... and that you are, too :)
    You look great in that dress!

    How awesome about the training clearance! That is a day-maker :)

  16. I think the term Bike of Boredom was kinda witty, so you need to change the post title.

    Awesome pics of Gabby and her incredible cuteness.

    Did you say the "s" word? Yeah, homey don't swim. Yuck.

  17. My ESP tells me #1 ROCKED that race! ;)

    That dress looks fabulous on you. Love it!!

    I don't know - the goggles are a great look, not sure what 1 & 2 had issue with. Sheesh! ;)


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