Monday, June 20, 2011

Plan for the Week

First, what I did last week:

Tuesday - Suck Less Program (total 96 tricep dips, 265 sit ups, 91 pushups, plank intervals (4 min total))
Wednesday - 3 miles, easy-ish pace (until the Goose Attack)
Thursday - Suck Less Program (total 100 push ups, 289 sit ups, 105 tricep dips, plank intervals (4 min total)), yoga at home
Friday - 3 miles, easy pace
Saturday - Suck Less Program (113 tricep dips, 307 sit ups, 130 pushups, plank intervals (4 min total))
Sunday - 4 miles, easy pace
Sunday - testing out for the week on push ups and sit ups (45 push ups, 80 sit ups)

What's missing? Oh, right. Any type of speedwork, at all. Unless you count running away from birds.

I don't know what my damage is, but every time I've run, it feels like I've never run before in my life. And it sucks, and I just can't get my legs to go faster. I thought I'd work in a mile time trial, and it just didn't happen. I mean, I tried, and I seriously felt like I was kicking ass, and then I roll out with a 10:55 mile. BS. I know I am better than that. My legs need to start sucking less, asap. I'm about ready to be done with them.

Of note, there were hills. But that's no excuse.


On tap for this week...
Today - Suck Less Program
Tuesday - 3 miles, speedwork (no, for real this time)
Wednesday - Suck Less, yoga
Thursday - 3 miles, tempo (again, for real, really)
Friday - Suck Less
Saturday - 5 miles, easy

Current Racing Delimma of the Week
I know I said I wanted to run the Operation Jack half in December. But I'm kinda playing with the idea of... not. I volunteered last year, and had a blast. I think I'm leaning towards volunteering again this year.

And this is my crazy reasoning....

I am already registered for half's in September, October, December, January, and February. What's missing from this picture? November... and I can't find a November race that I'm inclined to do. If I *could*, I'd register and hit all six months consecutively, because I'm a crazy person that way. (But not as crazy as this girl...).

But since I haven't...

WWYD? Any great (California) half's that I don't know about?

PS - Cupcake recipe, coming up.

PSS - I just double checked my splits, and there's something off with the app I was using... 'cause it really looks like it was just over a 9 minute mile. That sounds far more likely.

I guess I need a Garmin...


  1. Silver Strand (Coronado) is in November. It would be quite a haul from the OC, but it is pancake flat, and cheap.

  2. I'd run the Operation Jack Half. :) I don't think I've ever run a local half so I'm not sure what's on the calendar. You should go for doing them six months in a row, though — when you're done, you'll smile about what you did!

  3. My triceps are hurting just reading those recaps! You go!

  4. SR did Fishbowl last year - super tiny in Fountain Valley. Date isn't finalized yet, just says "November 2011".

  5. Oh and bonus : it's a fundraiser (Students Helping Other Students) and completely non-profit. Wahoo

  6. Clearly, it's time to come up to Eugene and run the EWEB Run to Stay Warm with me in November!

    I hope you Suck Less this week:)

  7. 6 Halfs in 6 Months is Level Two for Half Fanatics...just sayin'. :)

  8. November: Mission Inn Half Marathon. I am running the 10k there.

  9. Your blog is funny to read! What the heck do your arms look like with all the tricep dips & and 941 sit ups... HOLY COW!!!

  10. Sorry that your legs aren't cooperating! I know of some good halfs in CO and Utah, but I'm a bum when it comes to Cali....sorry!

    Keep up the good work and hope that you start feelin' betta.

  11. If I can find a February half we'd have matching schedules!

    I have no good November suggestions ... yet.


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