Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Corona del Mark Scenic 5K

Coincidentally, this race coincided with a virtual race that I participated in... Alicia Runs Race for Autism 5K!

Direct from the horses mouth....

The race finishes along the bluffs of Big Corona State Beach with restaurant row, merchant booths and live entertainment. The Corona del Mar Scenic 5K Race, 2 Mile Fun Walk and 1 Mile Kids Dolphin Dash is a signature special event that you will not want to miss.
The H and I ran this race last year with The Snork's, and it was pretty fun. We mainly were interested in the promised gourmet breakfast. They weren't lying, it was pretty rad.

Mrs. Snork went and got pregnant, and had a baby last week, so unfortunately, she was out for the race this year. Mr. Snork, despite not running for... a year... claimed he would beat me.

So obviously, it was my mission to not let that happen. Which looked shady, thanks to The Ankle, and a supreme lack of running in the last month.

#1 wanted to run with us, this year, so the three of us arrived in Corona del Mar bright and early, at 7:30 (I love small races).

The course is NOT easy, but it sure is pretty. It's constant hills - small hills, but rollers the entire way. They really aren't kidding when they label one part "Killer Hill".

So, knowing that I was unprepared, I decided early on that I would walk a few of the uphills. I planned on definitely walking Killer Hill, and two others that I knew were tough.

That turned out to work great. I recognized in the first half mile that I was passing a bunch of people, and slowed down, and maintained a comfortable pace from there.... then ran like hell the last half mile... There was a stroller I wanted to beat. The end.


Look! I can run with my eyes closed! (ps, I'm not on team Grandbob, and this chick is blocking me, and I don't like her).


Hello, heel strike....


Oh. That looks better.

1 - 11:25
2 - 10:29
3 - 11:05 - Killer Hill, and water stop
.2 - 0:52

Official chip time, 33:05 (yes, that's 4+ minutes off of last year, after a month off for The Ankle).

Mr Snork's time, 34:32. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.


Putting us both to shame, was #1.


She looks like a rock star, doesn't she? Check her out, beating the spandex booty short fuzzy chick back there.

Like a pro.

Her first race, without ANY training, or running for a month, or ever running more than a few miles at a time....


Good enough for 2nd in her age group.


(There would be better pictures, except the photog company apparently sucks, and doesn't post them. Nor do they post finish line pictures by your bib number [in my case] or even take one [in her case] [bastards]).

With a fancy schmancy plaque to go with it...


In her words...

it was hard to know where to turn, there weren't that many
people in front of me.

The problems she has...

And breakfast was, again, rad. They were handing out mini creme brulee's in the line...


And then... there was all.of.this.


Totally an annual event.

**Giant thank you to Team Sparkle for the skirt - LOVED it!**


  1. This is NICE. Nice breakfast, nice time, nice that your daughter won second!

  2. Congrats to #1!! What a studdette!!

    And could you be any cuter in your sparkle skirt?!!! love it!!!

  3. #1 is a little rockstar, and your sparkle skirt is so freaking cute!

    Oh and now I really want some creme brulee. Forget oranges and protein bars - they should pass that out at the finish of EVERY race!

  4. So much awesome!!! #1 looks AWESOME during the race! If I ran that fast I'd look like I was going to throw up!

    Love the sparkle skirt. yay pink!!!

    (And bahahahahahaha @ Mr. Snork!!!!!)

  5. Congrats to both of you!
    Just go with the eyes-closed's a gift...that's what I keep telling myself anyway.

  6. Pretty much looks like the best run ever.. Way to go #1!!!

  7. great run to you and #1 - LOVE LOVE LOVE the skirt!! congrats :)

  8. the socks say it all....ROCK STARS!

  9. You guys are rock stars, what a great run!
    Mini creme brules...mmmm
    Great job!!!

  10. Like mother like daughter--you guys rocked it! Congrats!

  11. Awwww, how cute.

    Congrats to the kid.

    Man Giraffy, you look really young.

  12. What a great event! What is it with these young girls, able to crush 5ks without training? I am so jealous and so old!!

    Congratulations to you both on a fabulous race. You're both winners in my book.

  13. Loving the outfits! And I love that you two both did so awesome. Woohoo!!!

  14. Congrats to #1! What a great race - I'd do it just for the creme brulee! I do think the sparkle skirt has special powers... 4 minute PR on this course!

  15. That's awesome... looks like a perfect morning!

  16. Awwww!!! Go #1. Amazing job. And go mom for being a great example.

  17. Awesome! I love that you were able to run my virtual 5k at a real race. So cool! Thanks again for participating. I *really* love the skirt. I need one! :)

  18. Go #1!! And creme brulee at the finish line? I will have to fly out there for this race next year! Yum!


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