Friday, June 17, 2011

Five for Friday

You guys, I skipped Three Things Thursday. Eek. It's like the whole world is off kilter now.

1. I ran 3 miles Wednesday (and survived to tell the Tale of the Goose <- link if you missed it), and seriously, I was achy yesterday like it was a long run. It was pretty awesome.

2. Somehow, the stars aligned this week, and I made the world's most perfect cupcakes.


Lemon cupcake with ginger buttercream.


3. The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday. I was driving, and there was water, falling out of the sky.


What IS that?! Anyone?

4. My older two kids are spending FIVE WHOLE WEEKS in Florida this summer. FIVE WHOLE WEEKS. That is a really long time. REALLY LONG.

5. I'm flying them out, and will be in FL for a few days visiting family. You know what the thing is, about Florida? It is REALLY hot. REALLY HOT. And, also, humid. Which is worse than hot.


  1. It was raining here this morning. Everyone else seems mad, but I love it! It means my water bill will be cheaper, since my lawn is getting watered for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  2. I'm so sick of the rain!! LOL Can I have your recipe for the cupcakes?? they look great!

  3. Those cupcakes wouldn't last in my house. I think I need the recipe, please!

  4. OH MY GOD I literally had to put my forehead on my desk and hold my stomach at #3. So freaking funny. Love it.

  5. that cupcake is making my hungry now... I think I'll make some!

  6. I got stuck on the cupcake :P Recipe? Please?

  7. The cupcake looks great! I love lemon. :)

  8. FIVE full weeks?? I would go crazy without my dog for 5 full days if I was home without her. Eek!

    Yummy cupcakes!


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