Thursday, June 16, 2011

Half Training, Day 1.....

I took yesterday off for a couple of reasons. First, my 12 yr old was "graduating" elementary school (here they go through 6th grade, so no worries - she's normal being 12 and leaving elemenray school!). Second, Gabby had a super long appointment Tuesday (which I'll cover tomorrow for Photo Friday), and another Wednesday, so I wanted to be with her and The H.

I had some time in the morning after straightening #1's hair, so I thought I had puhleeeenty of time to squeeze in my 3 miler.

Plan: 3 miles, easy pace (half pace +90sec).

If we're Daily Mile friends, you saw that this is what actually happened....


Let's recap. From the top.


On my corner... Thanks, God. Noted.

I get about half a mile in.... and poof. Phone call. #2 forgot the stuff for her last day of school party. Could I pleeeeeeeease come bring it to her.

Not that I'm doing anything, right?

So u-turn, home, to pick up crackers and chips. Luckily, I was really close. Grab the bag...


...and run to her school, .3 miles away. Note: Running with a shopping bag is not as graceful as you would think. And if you already think it would be pretty ungraceful... it's even less so than you have imagined.

School is down the street from a lake, that is super cute to run around and let's me believe I live in Disney World all year around.


Run over the bridge, around the lake, and back up.

Except, there are...


Geese. Everywhere. And they don't budge. Ever wonder what it's like to play frogger, with giant birds?

Come to Irvine. I'll show you.


See that? Down there?

Upon closer inspection, it was this!


So. Freaking. Cute. And I don't even like birds!

So I stopped, and leisurely took pictures. Not really paying any attention to the giant geese on the left of the sidewalk.

Then I took a step, past them.


And Mother Goose, turned into this in zero seconds FLAT.

Apparently, Rule #1 doesn't work just for zombies, it also covers poultry. I took off (around the damn geese) with a giant, spread-eagle, hissing creature following me.

And then we graduated elementary school, and all was well.

The end.


  1. I HATE geese!!! especially during the spring. We have nesting geese on our school's campus and you are many stories of people being attacked!

  2. Geese are the worst.

    At least you didn't videograph your child being knocked over by agressive geese and submit it to AFV. Seriously- I hate those tapes.

    Anywhoo- yay for graduation!

  3. Wow crazy - I love geese but I've never seen one attack and hiss! I'll have to be a little more careful around them :)

  4. "GOD SAYS PLEASE DO NOT GO TO HELL"? Seriously? But amazing job running that crap to school and not dying from that goose. That shit is REAL.

  5. Yeah, I've been chased by a goose before. But I also taunted it a little bit, making goose noises and chicken arms (like 20 feet away though) and then it charged me. It was pretty funny. They have tempers, those birds.

  6. That lost photo... bwahahahahahahahaha!!! I've run past killer geese before - not fun.

  7. I freaking LOVE this! I was politely watching geese on one of my runs, then delicately tried to run by. One HISSED at me. Hissed? Geese? What is up with these creatures these days?


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