Monday, June 27, 2011

Plan for the Week, and weekend recap

Happy Monday (ish)!

Last week I hit ALL of my planned work outs. However, I'm timing-dumb, and ended up doing Suck Less on the same days as my runs. I dislike this. A LOT.

Monday - nada

Tuesday - Speedwork on the treadmill (12:10, 11:04, 10:30 splits), followed by Suck Less (195 sit ups, 170 push ups, 124 tricep dips. Skipped plank.)

Wednesday - left work early to make enchiladas with my little cousin (little, ha, she's 20).

Thursday - Tempo run, 3 miles with 2 at tempo pace (intended pace 10:37, actual 10:25), Suck Less Program (185 push ups, 392 sit ups, 143 tricep dips. Still a plank skipper.). Stretched and did some yoga in between sets, so I'm counting it, kind of.

Friday - I made ravioli, from scratch, on a whim, for my big cousin. It was magical. You can see it and drool HERE.

Saturday - Sweat Your Thorns Off Virtual 5K, plus 1.9 miles tacked on for my highest mileage since The Ankle. My RLRF long run pace was supposed to be 12:24... actual 12:20. 5 miles! But that's not all... Followed by bumming my 12 yr olds bike (she's taller than me, it works) to see how I really feel about cycling. Turns out, it's glorious. Aside from the ass pain. That's easily remedied. THEN! I still did Suck Less - 200 push ups, 256 sit ups, 168 tricep dips.


This week....
Monday - Suck Less
Tuesday - 3 miles, intervals
Wednesday - Suck Less
Thursday - 4 miles, 3 miles at tempo pace
Friday - Suck Less
Saturday - 6 miles (eeek!)

After my very, very busy Saturday, I spent Sunday undoing ALL THE THINGS. Donuts for breakfast... I'm the mayor of Donut Star.


Don't be jealous.

Then, I took #1 and #2 to 85*C bakery in Irvine. #1 has been begging us to go, but there was a giant line last time. Turns out, there's ALWAYS a line. So we went. And waited. And it ended up being magical. And fairly cheap, which I appreciate.

THEN, we went to the Japanese market in Costa Mesa... where apparently I hadn't had enough pastry...



Then, for dinner, this kid....


requested a flower shaped pizza.


Right. I mean, I tried.


  1. flower pizza is a must for a flower girl (so pretty).

    And congrats on your race. This week will suck even less!! hehe.

  2. nice job hitting all the workouts! Pizza looks perfect to me : )

  3. Ok, you are aewsome. Ravioli looks INCREDIBLE, and that is definitely the best flower pizza i have ever seen. :)

  4. omg, that pizza looks awesome!! Gotta steal that idea for my girls!

  5. my kiddo is into "shaped" food too

    have a great week

  6. Ravioli? Wow! Looks fabulous. I've always wondered about Japanese pastry but have never tried it.
    Love the flower pizza and the sweetie who ordered it even more!

  7. Nice job with the workouts & flower pizza!

  8. i dont think i'll ever get over the amount of tricep dips you do! today i did 10, without crumbling to the ground, in my first set. then i only managed 8 before resting for my 2nd set; and only 8 on my last set too. ugh. they are soooo hard for me!

    the ravioli looks so yummy :)

  9. i LOVE that flower-shaped pizza! that thing is awesome! And that pic of her is ultra cute :)

    way to go on hitting all the workouts!

  10. Hi there! New Follower here! Love the blog!

    Wow! Awesome workouts. I've been trying really hard to get outside and run but the heat here in So Cali is KILLING ME! Night runs it is I guess.

    Flower pizza? SO cute!


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