Monday, May 24, 2010

"Love is all you need"

I may (or may not) have attended the simplest, loveliest wedding ever last week.

If such an event occured, the bride and groom may (or may not..) have picked up my kidlets because I was trying to get out of work, pick up camping gear, and Baby, and get to the beach for a 6:30 ceremony.
And on the way, I may (or may not) have constructed a pretty bouquet for a pretty bride.
And said cermeony may (or may not) have been conducted by our stylist, who had not (definitely not) performed any types of ceremonies prior to this... as evidenced by the stack of paper with various things highlighted that he was quickly shuffling through on the sand before he performed his first ceremony on his way to his dinner plans....

I bet Corona del Mar makes for a pretty wedding setting... if you were so inclined.

Just an idea.


Fiona said...

tears of happiness at your lovely post. :*)

And amazing, AMAZING pictures. Well done!

JustJen said...

great pictures. awesome :)

Snork Maiden said...

Teehee!!! YOU MADE that bouquet???!! You're a little (or a LOT) amazing.

Moderate Means said...

Amazing pics and beautiful bouquet!

So, can you confirm or deny that a Snork wedding took place? (I feel like a reporter in a press conference!) Curiosity and the cat and all that ;)



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