Monday, June 13, 2011

It's baaaaaaack

Hey, I'm not ignoring other blogs. I just can't comment for some reason on a bunch. It's pissing me off. I have things to say, blogger, don't try to thwart me!

Plan for the Week!

I'm back to Half training, starting this week. Exciting, right?

This week, we've got....
Monday - Suck Less (man. this still sucks. seriously.)
Tuesday - 3 easy miles
Wednesday - Suck Less, yoga (hahahahaa)
Thursday - 3 easy, with a 1 mile time trial thrown in to figure out my pacing for the rest of my schedule
Friday - Suck Less
Saturday - 4 miles easy

Last week, I ran 3 miles Thursday, and 3.73 Saturday. Thursday was rough. It was seriously like I had never run before Saturday was less suck, but slower. I can tell I've lost *some* speed (if you can call 10:30 pace... speed?), but it'll come. Plus, 3 days Sucking Less. And stretching.


For this training cycle, I'm doing a modified Run Less, Run Faster program - 3 runs a week, with 1 track, 1 tempo, and 1 long. Last training cycle, my long runs were ONLY easy pace. This is going to be more challenging, there's all types of speed stuff involved. We'll see how that goes. I will probably switch out a couple track runs for hills, because I like hills, and the long runs may go back to easy pace. I really love running when I'm just meandering and being slow. I'd hate to lose that by just focusing on the speed.

I've added a tab up top there ^^ with my race schedule.

PS, winner for the 200th post giveaway was comment # 25 - TMB from Racing with Babes! If you don't know who T is (how is that possible? do you live under a rock?), she's pretty much a super woman. Go check her out, and support her fundraising for Grass Roots Soccer. Congrats, I'll shoot you an email today!

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm having the same problem with just SOME blogs. It's really really frustrating. Seriously GOOD WORK on sucking less. That crap is hard.

  2. Hi! I had the same prob a couple weeks back. Try to click off the 'stay signed in' icon when you log in. It worked for me, hope it works for you!

  3. I've had problems with commenting on blogs too- download Google Chrome and you shouldn't have a problem!

  4. Your training plan looks fab! I'm excited to see how it works out!

    And I'm bummed I somehow missed your giveaway. I was grateful for things I swear!!

  5. Yeah for half training!

    And super yeah for the win! I'm so excited!

  6. Congrat to TMB. Glad your back. Good Luck with you training. How is Gabby doing?

  7. I saw that RLRF book at the store this weekend and almost picked it up. I need to get my head in the game and heal my leg because I seriously miss legit training!

    Can't believe how fast Disneyland is coming up!

  8. The comment issue, supposedly is a compatibility issue with some browsers and the embedded comments. I tried to change mine to the pop-up comments so hopefully it wouldn't be a problem. I'm still having issues commenting on some... so I try to click the compatibility button at the top of my browser, so that helps in some cases, in others, if I can sign in with name/url instead of google it helps... and again... still issues with other blogs. :-( Boo, hiss!!!

  9. Ooh, looking forward to see what you do with RLRF. I've modified it for my half on Labor Day weekend too. You are going to be so proud of yourself when you hit the goal times on the workouts. Totally worth it.

  10. blogger is driving me nuts still....nice looking week there : )

  11. Blogger has been a total bitch to me lately, but I just downloaded the Google Chrome browser, and it's worked like a charm with that.

  12. Blogger: I changed to pop up like Lesley and now it is all ok.
    I think Google has a new feature and it is causing all kinds of problem..the chrome thing or something like that not sure of the name.

    are you training for Disney?
    I started today

  13. I just saw your new tab...I am thinking of doing the 10k in Cypress also.

  14. I'm volunteering for Cypress since I can't run it this year (have to take some time off to heal an injury - blah!). Come say hi at Packet Pickup!

    Caroline ^^ - you should totally do it!

    I'm also signed up for Wet N Wild - I was thinking of sporting a Sparkle Skirt. :)

  15. Awesome with the race schedule and stoked to hear you are a runnin' fool again!
    I also love hills, some call me crazy : )

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